big baler machine hand hay baler for sale baler for wood shavings

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Product Overview


Product Description

Description of the vertical baler

Vertical baler is used for baling cartons, cotton yarn, plastic, waste plastic bottle, etc. It is designed as vertical structure, hydraulic Transmission, electrical control and manual binding. Usually the pressure force of this series is from 10 ton KN to 100 ton KN, the efficiency is 4 ~ 6 bags per hour. The weight of each piece is from 30 Kg to 500 Kg according to the material. Also, we can produce the machine according to the requirement from customer.

baler for wood shavings



Technical parameters


ModelForceBale SizeBale WeightEfficiency



Machine Weight



DMP-1010 Ton800*400*600mm50-70KG4-6 bale/Hour7.5KW520KG1450*750*2750
DMP-2020 Ton800*400*600mm70-100KG4-6 bale/Hour7.5KW550KG1450*750*2750
DMP-3030 Ton1000*600*600mm120-150KG4-6 bale/Hour11KW690KG1650*950*2750
DMP-4040 Ton1000*600*600mm200-250KG4-6 bale/Hour11KW800KG1650*950*2750
DMP-6060 Ton1200*800*800mm240-300KG4-6 bale/Hour15KW1650KG1500*1100*3150
DMP-80 80 Ton1200*800*800mm260-350KG4-6 bale/Hour18.5KW2050KG1500*1100*3150
DMP-100100 Ton1200*800*800mm600-700KG4-6 bale/Hour18.5KW2500KG1500*1100*3150




Main Features

baler for wood shavings

1.This machine uses pushbutton control system to control the machine which makes the operation simple and safe.

2.This machine uses double cylinder to compress the materials which makes the compression

more stable and prevent the machine from damage caused by placing the materials inappropriate. 

a.Adopting a hydraulic drive mechanism, Use less energy, with huge operating energy

b.Electric button control, it can reaches manual adjusting and semi automatic control

c. Independent feeding opening with automatic pulling out installation, to reduce labor force.

d.It can be made according to the demands of customers, and the bale can be binded into “---” and

“#” shape.


Bale sample


Main parts


Name: Hydraulic Cylinder

The part of machine has different types catering to different  needs of customers. also, it can be customized according to requirements.

Name: Baling compartment 
 The baler automatically adjusts parameters to find the optimal settings to seal and package the product. The baling machines can easily handle various bale sizes and weights. Even for multiple adjustments, you only need to move around a few parts.
Name: Pressure plate
 Only need to adjust one setting to change bale length.The bale height and width could be tweak in quick time.
Name: Raw Materials
The baling machines have been accurately assembled with durable components and programmed to consistently deliver reliable performance. The precision design of the  baler machine is evident in the flawless mechanical controls that make easy work of your raw materials. 


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 baler for wood shavings

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baler for wood shavings

baler for wood shavings


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