Weidmuller ACT20P voltage setpoint limit monitor relay

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Weidmuller ACT20P voltage setpoint limit monitor relay 7760054165
ACT20P-VMR-3PH-ILP-H is a three-phase voltage setpoint limit monitor relay (3-phase or 3-phase plus zero conductor).
7760054165 is powered by the input measuring circuit.
incorporates two separate relay outputs which trigger an alarm upon phase asymmetry,
act20p-7760054165.jpgphase loss, phase sequence errors and phase angle errors and when exceeding or falling below preset voltage limit values.
The alarm can also be set to trigger after an adjustable time delay.
Supply from the input measuring circuit
Manual front-sided configuration via DIP switch, potentiometer and rotary switch
Various alarm functions: phase asymmetry, phase loss, phase sequence errors, phase angle errors, alarm delay, upper/lower limit value alarm, window alarm
Front LEDs indicates operation status and malfunction.
3-way galvanic isolation between input, output 1 and output 2.
Weidmueller Type: ACT20P-VMR-3PH-ILP-H-S
Order No. : 7760054165
Version: Limit value monitoring, Input: 3-phase voltage, Relay output
GTIN (EAN): 6944169689086
Number of inputs: 1
Type: 3-phase, AC voltage
Input voltage: 180~500 VAC
Input resistance, voltage: ≥1.8MΩ
Input measurement range: 200~480 VAC
Input frequency: 40~60 Hz
Output Alarm function: Top and bottom limit values, window range, Holding function can be activated, Phase error, Phase sequence, Asymmetry, Alarm delay: 0…10 s
Hysteresis: 5 % @ Phase asymmetry
Number of digital outputs: 2
Switching thresholds: Adjustable, MIN = 50~100 % x URated input voltage (undervoltage alarm), MAX = 70…120 % x URated input voltage (overvoltage alarm)
Type: 2 x 1 - or 1 x 2 changeover contact relay, Relay polarity can be inverted
Max. switching voltage, DC: 30 V
Max. switching voltage, AC: 250 V
Rated switching current: 5 A
Type of connection: Screw connection
Tightening torque, min. : 0.4 Nm ~max. 0.6 Nm
Clamping range, rated connection: 1.5 mm²
Clamping range, min. : 0.5 mm² ~ max. 2.5 mm²
Wire connection cross section AWG, : min. AWG 26 ~ max. AWG 12
Accuracy: 3 % *Urated voltage
Configuration: DIP switch and potentiometer
Galvanic isolation: 2-way isolator, between input/output
Measurement calibration: max: 70~120% *Urated voltage, min: 50~100% *Urated voltage
Power consumption: ≤ 3VA
Rail: TS 35
Repeat accuracy: 2 % *Urated voltage
Step response time : ≤ 100 ms
Temperature coefficient: 350 ppm/K
Unbalanced: Hysteresis: 5%, Phase imbalance in range of adjustment: 5...25%, OFF
Voltage supply: supplied from voltage measurement inputs
EMC standards: EN 61326-1
Galvanic isolation: 2-way isolator, between input/output
Impulse withstand voltage: 6 kV (input - output), 4 kV (output 1- output 2), 1.2/50 µs
Insulation voltage: 2.5 kV (input / output)
Pollution severity: 2
Rated voltage: 600 VAC (input - output), 300 VAC (output 1 - output 2)
Surge voltage category: III
Operating temperature: -25 °C ~ 60 °C
Storage temperature: -40 °C...85 °C
Width: 22.5 mm (0.886 inch)
Height: 117 mm (4.606 inch)
Depth: 114.3 mm (4.5 inch)
Net weight: 233 g
Order No.: 7760054305
Order No.: 2456840000
Type of connection: PUSH IN
Type: ACT20P-VMR-1PH-H-S
Order No.: 7760054164

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