Electric shearing machine / metal sheet cutting machine / guillotine electric shear

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Product Overview


Haas machine tool guillotine shear QC11Y series
The second generation of HAAS hydraulic shearing machine QC11Y series adopts steel plate welding structure, which eliminates stress during vibration, and has good rigidity and stability. It adopts three-point supporting rolling guide to eliminate supporting gaps and improve cutting quality. It has segmented cutting function, light alignment function, motorized back gauge, digital display.
In the machinery industry, Haas has always maintained the original aspiration to achieve quality, efficiency, and safety requirements.
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CNC system(Optional
* Panel based housing
* Bright LCD screen
* Back / front gauge control
* Retract function
* Cutting angle control and gap control
* Stroke length limitation
* Manual movement of all axes
* Force control
* Sheet thickness measurement
* RTS, Return to Sender function
* Second servo axis (DAC-362s)
* Sheet support
* Bright LCD 128 x 64 display
* Backgauge control
* Gap control
* Stroke length limitation
* Actual and Programmed position visualization
* Stock counter
* Programmable up to 100 steps
* Panel-based housing
* Servo control / inverter / 2-speed AC control
* High-definition LIQUID crystal display screen, with Chinese and English two languages optional, one page display programmingparameters, when writing programs more fast and convenient.
* Rear gear: intelligent positioning, or manual adjustment as required to remove the mechanical hand positioning device.
* Shear stroke: built-in shear time relay, simple operation, cost saving.
* Shearing Angle: The built-in shearing Angle adjustment function eliminates the Angle indicator light and the button.
* Blade gap: encoder feedback, timely display blade gap size, easy to operate.
* With one-key backup and recovery function of parameters, parameters can be restored at any time according to needs, and maintenance cost can be reduced.
* All the keys on the panel are microswitches, which have been subjected to EMC, high and low temperature, vibration and otherstrict tests to ensure the stability and service life of the products.
* Through CE certification, to meet the needs of overseas markets.
* Color LCD hd display, with Both Chinese and English language optional, one page display programming parameters, more rapid and convenient programming.
* CAN bus technology is adopted to control X and Y axes with high control precision and resolution up to 0.001.
* The installation and wiring are simple and the reliability of the system is improved.
* Shear stroke: built-in shear time relay, simple operation, cost saving.
* With built-in control functions such as knife edge clearance, shear stroke, concession delay, etc.The parameters can be set according to actual needs for real-time control of cutting between teeth and franchising.
* Blade gap: encoder feedback, promptly display the blade gap size, easy to operate.
* With machine control function, it simplifies the wiring in the electric cabinet, saves costs and improves reliability.
* All the buttons on the panel are micro switches, which have been strictly tested for EMC, high temperature, low temperature,vibration, etc. to ensure the stability and service life of the product, with self-diagnosis and real-time alarm functions,debugging and debugging functions, and more convenient maintenance . Keep the safe interface, easy to expand.
* CE certification can meet the needs of overseas markets
Security configuration

Protective net/Pedal start and stop

The Haas QC11Y series shearing machine is equipped with a processing guardrail and a foot-operated controller, which better
guarantees the operator's processing safety and control safety.
Hot machine model
Means Of Transaction
Our trade terms
Our payment method
Western Union
Our payment channels
Credit Insurance Transaction Order(recommend)
Bank transfer
1.Buyer pays 30% advance payment.

The machine began to make processing.
According to the customer's configuration requirements, from the processing of the machine frame, the heat treatment, the selection of accessories, the assembly of the machine and the production and debugging, this process takes about 15-20 days.
2.After the machine is made, the buyer pays the remaining 70% of the amount.

After the machine is manufactured and debugged, we will send the video to the buyer and transport it to a port in China for shipment to the destination port. This process takes about 1 -2 days.

Port transportation

After the machine is put into the container at the port, we will wait for the scheduled sailing schedule. Generally, we will choose to book the nearest sailing schedule. This process takes about 2-3 days
The machine is transported from the port to the destination port
After the agreed sailing time is up, the machine will be transported from the Chinese port to the destination port. According to the distance between each country/region, this process will be different, and the sailing time will also be different, but we will inform you about the situation before the buyer pays. Sailing days
Our quality
This is our quality certificate and patent certificate.
Our company and factory
Company Profile
Haas is a company specializing in the production of sheet metal equipment. It has 15 years of manufacturing experience and is an excellent company in the forging machinery industry in the country. Our machines are not only sold in large quantities at home, but we export to more than 30 countries overseas. Won unanimous praise. At present, the company's main products include bending machines, shears, presses, hydraulic presses, laser cutting machines, plate rolling machines, and the latest developed bending units.
Laser cutting machine workshop
The series produced include open laser cutting machine, enclosed laser cutting machine, tube-sheet integrated machine.
Bending machine, shearing machine workshop
The series produced include electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine, economical CNC bending machine, pendulum shearing machine, guillotine shearing machine.
Hydraulic press workshop
The series produced include four-column hydraulic presses, single-action sheet-lift hydraulic presses, double-action sheet-lift hydraulic presses, single-column hydraulic presses, etc.
Processing workshop
In the production area, we still strictly control precision and quality. Haas has strict quality standards and service standards.
Q:Are you a factory or a trading company?
A:We are factory.
Q:How long is the warranty period of your machine?
The whole machine is guaranteed for one year, and the core components are guaranteed for two years.
Can you supply the relevant documentation?
Yes, we can provide most documentation including Certificates of Analysis / Conformance; Insurance; Origin, and other export
documents where required.
Q:How about the shipping fees?
A:The shipping cost depends on the way you choose to get the goods. Express is normally the most quickest but also most expensive way. By seafreight is the best solution for big amounts. Exactly freight rates we can only give you if we know the details of amount, weight and way. Please contact us for further information.
Finally, if you don’t have what you want to know in this detailed information page, I’m sorry. For this, you can click "》" below to contact me for more detailed information. I am your product consultant Leal 》》》》》》
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