Умное устройство для зарядки никель металлогидридных аккумуляторов от компании LiitoKala: Lii 600 батарея зарядное устройство для батарей Li Ion (литий ионных) 3,7 V и никель металл гидридного 1,2 V аккумулятор подходит для 18650 26650 21700 26700 AA 12 (1600123834564)

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Product Overview


Lii-600 Operation manual


Thank you for using our smart charger products - Lii - 600, this is a high-end smart quick charger, touch-screen control / 4 channel independent rechargeable battery capacity testing/meter/temperature/short circuit protection, overcharge protection protection and zero volt battery activation function, and can automatically timely monitor the battery charge and discharge and testing process.


Lii-600 can charge various sizes of cylindrical lithium ion batteries and nickel metal hydride batteries, widely used in strong light flashlight, power tools, instrumentation, digital cameras and other electronic products battery charging. Beautiful appearance, safe and easy to operate, easy to carry, powerful function, is your good helper at home.


A, warning,

1. This charger can only charge cylindrical lithium ion battery and nickel metal hydride battery, not charge lithium iron phosphate battery;

2. Before use, please carefully refer to the manual, pay attention to the recommended charging current of the rechargeable battery, do not exceed the recommended charging current;

3. Do not use other non-standard power adapter;

4. Chargers may get hot when charging and discharging, so be careful not to burn;

5. When it stops using, please unplug the power and remove the battery;

6. Use only at room temperature and indoors;

7. The test data of this product is for reference only, please refer to professional instruments for the actual situation.



Ii. Functional characteristics

1. New touch control function;

2. The four slots work independently;

3. It has two working modes: automatic AUTO and MANUAL; (The default of the system is AUTO AUTO, automatically distributing current)

4. A variety of optional charging current: 250 ma ma / 500/1000 ma / 1500 ma ma / 2000/2500 3000 ma ma /;

5. Third-stage discharge current: 250mA/500mA/750mA;

6. Different specifications (18650/26650... /AA/AAA) Charging the battery at the same time;

7. Use a separate LCD display for this product. Contains battery type (Li - ion - 3.7 V, the Ni - MH1.2 V), work (AUTO automatic/MANUAL MANUAL), battery channel (CH1 - CH4), work mode (CHARGE CHARGE/DISCHARGE DISCHARGE models/TEST inspection/REPAIR REPAIR mode), CHARGE and DISCHARGE capacity (mAh), CHARGE and DISCHARGE time (h), CHARGE and DISCHARGE current (mA), battery voltage (V), battery percentage %, battery internal resistance (m Ω) ℃, temperature and other parameters, detailed and clear;

8. In CHARGE mode, 4 channels work independently, and each channel can choose different charging current and test charging capacity;

9. Under DISCHARGE mode, four channels work independently, and each channel can select different DISCHARGE current and detect DISCHARGE capacity;

10.TEST mode: The normal TEST process of battery capacity consists of three steps (1 charge,2 discharge, and 3 recharge) to TEST the battery capacity process;

11. Different channels can be operated with different modes (CHARGE, DISCHARGE, TEST and REPAIR); Independently set charging/discharging capacity testing/normal capacity testing functions;

12. Multiple protection function: the overcharge discharge, short circuit, temperature and activation function, 0 V voltage (- Δ Δ V & 0 V), 1.65 V to 2.2 V cannot charge function, bad battery intelligent recognition and reverse connect battery protection.



Iii. Description of touch points

The charger has 6 touch and contact points, including MODE, CURRENT, independent select and view data point (1234). The 6 touch MODE keys also have the function of lighting LCD backlight, which is simple and convenient to use.

1. MODE (MODE selection) includes CHARGE charging MODE, DISCHARGE MODE, TEST capacity detection MODE and REPAIR REPAIR MODE;

2. The CURRENT touch: (short for the CURRENT selection) including 250 ma / 500 ma ma / 1000/1500 / ma / 2000 ma ma / 2500/3000 ma; Long touch "CHARGE" point, you can choose to work in AUTO or MANUAL mode.

3. Touch points of 1/2/3/4 channels :(corresponding to 1/2/3/4 channels respectively); Short touch can be independently selected and the corresponding channel data can be viewed. Any point of long touch can control the LCD display (normally on or off);

4. In any case a long touch MODE point can change the CHARGE after the sound of "du" (rechargeable) MODE, DISCHARGE (DISCHARGE), TEST (capacity), REPAIR (REPAIR) model, and then touch your corresponding function in 8 seconds touch point can change pattern, the current size, independent, pretend to be, detection capacity, 8 seconds after selected into the working state, in the working status can touch (1/2/3/4) touch point, checking their corresponding, Including model/type/charge of the battery charge capacity (mAh)/charging time (h)/charging current (mA)/battery voltage (V)/percentage % / battery internal resistance (m Ω)/parameters such as temperature ℃, finally will show "End", the End of this working process.



Iv. Operation Description of the mode:

When the charger plug charger LCD screen instantly full bright full show, at the same time 1/2/3/4 channel LED lights hint red, green, ready to enter, if the battery is not in the will show "Null", light is not bright, if it's bad battery into or the battery reverse connect will display "Err", the battery work normally on red LED lamp, batteries or stop filling the green LED lights normally on accompanied by prompt;


1) CHARGE (charging mode)

1.1 After the charger is installed and the battery is connected to the power supply, the system will enter CHARGE mode automatically. After long contact with the "CHARGE" point, the system will enter into MANUAL MANUAL charging mode. The default charging current of the charger is 1000mA (if there is no long contact with the CHARGE point, the system will be charged by AUTO, and the system will automatically allocate the current according to the charged battery); In flow can be achieved through 8 seconds to get an electric shock the touch point (CURRENT) choose the charging CURRENT size, the system will lock in 8 seconds for charging CURRENT of your choice, if for 8 seconds, not set, then the system automatically default for charging CURRENT at 1000 ma, the electric CURRENT, and other functions will not be able to change again, if need to change, need long touch MODE then re-election;


1.2 Under CHARGE mode, independent charging or different current selection can be changed arbitrarily within 8 seconds, as well as different battery charging mix; Jane operation

Single, 8 seconds touch 1/2/3/4 slot battery corresponding touch points, and then touch MODE change CURRENT MODE, touch the CURRENT point detection, independent, pretend to be, capacity, 8 seconds into the working state after selected, pay attention to choose the charging CURRENT according to battery capacity size, if you don't need fast charging, suggest using 500 ma charge, this is the most appropriate and safe;


1.3 charging mode, through the light touch 1/2/3/4 touch point can switch to view each slot case: including model/type/charge of the battery charge capacity (mAh)/charging time (h)/charging current (mA)/battery voltage (V)/percentage % / battery internal resistance (m Ω) / ℃ temperature parameters, such as battery charge will be displayed after the "End" (charge);

1.4 lithium ion battery charging current can choose 250 ma ma / 500/1000 ma / 1500 ma ma / 2000/2500 3000 ma ma /;

1.5 Ni-MH battery charging current is available at 250mA/500mA/1000mA.

1.6 Refer to the following table for charging process:

Go into CHARGE select AUTO or MANUAL select CHARGE current battery CHARGE END




2.1 when the battery charger installed after turning on the power supply, light touch (MODE) choose 8 seconds (DISCHARGE DISCHARGE MODE), and then a long touch CURRENT (CURRENT) make the system into the MANUAL DISCHARGE manually, select the desired CURRENT (250 ma ma / 500/750 ma), if do not select the CURRENT, the system automatically default DISCHARGE CURRENT is 500 ma, stop touching, system will lock in 8 seconds of your choice. If the system is discharged automatically by AUTO, the system will automatically distribute the current according to the condition of the discharged battery. The system will record the discharge data to detect the discharge capacity of the battery.

2.2 through the light touch 1/2/3/4 touch point can switch to view each slot case: including battery type/working mode charge/discharge (mAh)/discharge time (h)/discharge current (mA)/battery voltage (V)/percentage % / battery internal resistance (m Ω)/parameters such as temperature ℃, after will show "End" (discharge);

2.3 Refer to the following table for the discharge process:


Enter DISCHARGE END of the battery with DISCHARGE current selected by DISCHARGE



3) TEST(Capacity Detection mode)


TEST mode is to first charge the battery, then discharge the battery and record the discharge quantity and other parameters, then automatically charge the battery and record the charging quantity and other parameters, and finally charge the battery fully. It has both discharge capacity test function and charge capacity test function. The detailed steps are as follows:

Enter TEST selected current charging battery charging battery discharge recharging END


3.1 In any state, the long touch MODE "Du" prompts can enter TEST MODE;


3.2.1 into TEST mode, after 8 seconds long time can touch touch point (CURRENT) select MANUAL manually or AUTO automatic mode, select MANUAL after manually, and choose CURRENT short touch touch point (CURRENT) size, the system will lock in 8 seconds for charging CURRENT of your choice, if there are no make the 8 seconds set, then the system will automatically lock 1000 ma CURRENT charging; If you choose AUTO, the system will automatically distribute the current according to the battery.


3.2.2 When the battery is fully charged, the system will automatically turn to discharge, and the discharge current will be determined according to the charging current (250mA is charged, and 250mA is discharged; When the charge is 500mA or 1000mA, the discharge is 500mA; When the charge is above 1000mA, the discharge is 750mA), and the data during the discharge is recorded, so as to detect the discharge capacity of the battery.

3.2.3 When the battery is discharged, the system will be automatically converted to charging. The charger will charge the battery again according to the previously selected current parameters and record the charging data, so as to detect the charging capacity of the battery. At this point, the system shows "END", stop charging.



4.1 MANUAL, this mode is repaired with 250mA current.

4.2 AUTO (automatic adjustment), lithium batteries (Li - ion - 3.7 - v) repair process is according to the current file (250 ma / 500 ma ma / 1000/1500 / ma / 2000 ma ma / 2500/3000 ma), the system automatically for charging current distribution, until full;

4.3 Under AUTO (automatic adjustment), the repair process of ni-MH-1.2V battery is that the system automatically charges with 250mA current, then discharges with corresponding current, and then recharges, after several times, until the repair is full.



Vi. Specific parameters


6.1 DC input voltage: 12.0V/5.0A

Charging current of ni-MH battery: 1.48V 250mA/500mA/1000mA*4

Lithium battery charging current, 4.20 500 V, 250 ma/ma / 1000 ma ma / 1500/2000 ma ma / 2500/3000 ma * 4

6.3 rechargeable battery specifications: 18650,26650,14500, AA, AAA, etc

Discharge current: 250mA*4/500mA*4/750mA*4

6.5 Termination mode: Intelligent voltage monitoring

6.6 External dimension: 165mm(length)*115mm(width)* 40mm (height).

6.7 Weight: g (excluding data cable)




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