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PRE-Shipment Inspection (PSI) PSI is the most common inspection to confirm the whole shipment's quality level. It normally requires the  production to be finished and at least 80% of goods packed into cartons. The checked samples are randomly  selected according to AQL standard.
During Production Inspection (DPI) DPI is performed when at least 20% of an order is completed. It can uncover problems at an earlier production  stage, allowing more time fo rework and correction. It also helps you supervise whether the production process  is on schedule.
Final Random Inspection (FRI)   FRI takes place when the merchandise is 100% completed and at least 80% are well packed, marked and ready for shipment. Our inspectors randomly draw some samples from finished goods, based on statistical random sampling technique, 
Container Loading Supervision(CLS) During CLS, the inspector monitors the loading process, checks product quantity & container condition,  and ensures the proper handling of your cargo. A simple quality check is performed before loading to verify that  the product type and packing   details conform to your requirements.
Factory Audit (FA) A Factory Audit can uncover problems before production so that you can know your supplier's capabilities, system,  management and operating procedures. Factory audits include: Factory profile, organization structure, production  process, production   capacity, facilities & machinery, internal quality control system, R&D and special requirements  from client. This can help you select a Supplier with confidence.
Sourcing Agent we specialized in the third party inspection field more than 10 years.we have hundreds of qualified suppliers behind us. Especially in hardware, machinery. we can recommend the most suitable suppliers for customers.


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Commonly noted major, minor or critical defects discovered during industrial product quality inspections includes:

  • Defects in appearance, such as dents, scratches, rust, stains, etc.
  • Defects concerning missing parts or components
  • Defects with measurements and/or dimensions that are out of tolerance
  • Defects regarding labeling, such as non-compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Defects concerning function where the product does not operate per specification
  • Defects concerning loose, broken or other poorly fitting components
  • Defects concerning safety, such as sharp edges, exposed wires, etc.
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Inspection Catalogue

Hard goods

flange, hardware, gifts, etc.

Soft goods

Garments, gloves,hats,shoes, etc.

Electrical & Electronic Item

Home appliances, digital products,etc.

Mechanical products

Mechanical spare parts, machinery, etc.

We could arrange different types of inspections according to your specific requirements.

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