Высококачественный пищевой фильтрующий картридж из нержавеющей стали 316L 5 микрон для удаления частиц в соке сахарного тростника

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welcome to>>Hangzhou Tianshan Precision Filter Material Co., Ltd.

High quality food grade 5 Micron 316L stainless steel sintered filter  cartridge for removing particles in sugarcane juice


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High purity titanium powder (99%) sintered under high temperature . Resist to strong acid, alkaline and Ozone Oxidation.Can be washable and reusable . Suitable for solid / liquid / gas  separation and purification in  low -viscosity liquid material  (with rigid particles )                                                   






Resistant high temperature and pressure 

Resistant strong acid and alkali 

Good permeability and resist to ozone oxidation

It can be washed repeatedly,reusable .low cost in operation




Outer diameter:   Φ60-Φ63mm

Length:           10-40 inch 

Porosity:         30%-50%

Operating parameters




PH:               1~4

Flow rate:       0.5T/h

Max.temperature: 200℃(Wet)


Typical Applications 






Steam filtration 

Steam filtration 

Filtration stage after  Ozone sterilization and  filtration of 

Ozone aeration

guard filtration in decarbonization  and Dilution of Transfusion, 

small injection, oral

Highly corrosive liquid and gas purification

Liquid or gas in high temperature and pressure 




TI100-1umD60-60mmNIL- Cut Ends (Cylinder)10-10" S-silicone;     N-nitrile
 300-3umD80-80mmAA- DOE ( With Gaskets)20-20" E-epdm ;       T-teflon (Encaptulated)
 500-5um BF-222/ Seal30-30" V-vition
 1000-10um CF-226/ Seal40-40"  
 2000-20um YBP- 1" BSP Threaded05-5"                                                                                                   
   HBP- 1/2" BSP ThreadedOther-XXHow to Order?- Example

Titanium Sintered; Micron:5um; Outer Dia.:60mm; 

Length:10";Adapter:1"BSP; O-rings: Silicone 

     Selection Code is: TI500D60YBP10S



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1 How can we get the quotation of flter cartridges
Kindly please let us know the specifications,such as the material,length,micron,adapter,apply in which industry.....

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We do not the requirement on teh minimal demand.Thank you.

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welcome to>>Hangzhou Tianshan Precision Filter Material Co., Ltd.



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