Mecladora de cemento/ zelf loader concrete mixer bajo costo (1600130301524)

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Mecladora de cemento/ zelf loader concrete mixer bajo costo

Product Description

Product Description


Luzun self loading mixer truck is used to solve the problem that the prior mixer truck has a single function and can only carry out the concrete conveying task. The self loading mixer truck comprises a mixing body, and the body is equipped with a mixing drum. The drum is driven to rotate by the hydraulic mechanism. The  drum is inclined, with an opening at the highest end. At the opening there is a feeding port fixed to the mixer truck. The drum is equipped with stirring screws. The two sides of the mixing drum are symmetrically provided with a boom. One end of the boom is hinged on the mixing body, and the body is further provided with a lifting cylinder to lift and lower the booms. A hopper is fixed between the two booms, and is provided with a door at the end near the feeding port. A discharging cylinder for controlling opening and closing of the door is provided on the hopper. The fully automatic loading mixer has a simple structure and is easy to use. It can realize the  loading, mixing and unloading of concrete without excessive staff operation, which is economical and practical.

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EngineYuchai/ Cummins
Rated Power85KW/92KW
Max Torque390nm/2800rpm
ChassisIntegrated rigid chassis
Driving type4*4
Hopper volume700L
Mixing volume4.0cbm
Geometrical volume6.1 cbm
Concrete output4.0cbm/batch, 16-20cbm/hour
Drum rotating speed15rpm
Drum slewing angle0/180/270
Water tank2*260L
Water pump24v self priming pump
Hydraulic gear pumpPermco/Sunny
Gradient40% fully loaded
Max speed35km/h
Loading capacity9600kg
Cabcolsed, with warm/cool air conditioner
Fuel tank135L
Total hydraulic capacity240L
Engine oil16L, auto lubrication


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Production Process

Production processProduction 



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Packing & Delivery

Packing & deliverytransit mixer shipment

There are two ways of shipping. For inland clients, we use truck shipping. For overseas clients, we ship in 40HQ containers. The 4.0 cbm self loading mixer truck is dismantled and loaded into the container.

Customer Projects

Client ProjectsProjects

Luzun self loading mixer truck has the characteristics of narrow body, short wheelbase and small turning radius, thus it has strong advantages in the working environment of limited height, width and length. For projects with narrow construction roads, the machine can realize multi-angle unloading without moving on the ground, as its tank can be rotated by 270°. Therefore, it is very suitable for road construction.

It is used for the grouting pump equipment for the mixing of cement slurry, mortar and so on. It can be used in construction and maintenance of construction metallurgy, railway bridges, prestressing, etc. The mixer is small in size, light in weight, easy to install and move, simple to operate, easy to use, and trusted by users.



Q: What is the advantage of small self-loading mixer truck over traditional mixers?

A: The traditional mixer used in the past will have a non-uniform situation when mixing concrete. When the concrete is used, it must be stirred a few times manually. This will lead to unqualified concrete, resulting in poor quality of the project. 
Then the small self-propelled mixer truck can solve these problems well, whether it is C50 model concrete for road construction, C20 and C25 concrete for building, or C40 concrete for repairing water channel. The small self-feeding mixer with full-time four-wheel drive and professional mixing blades can evenly stir the concrete without any auxiliary tools. It is very convenient and practical.


Q: Is your mixer truck easy to operate?

A: Yes, it is. We put guide labels in the driving cabin and we also provide a tutor video. It takes you 10 minutes to learn if you have experience with loader or excavators.


Q: Will the materials stick to the hopper?

A: Generally no, but it depends on the material type, the water volume and the order of adding materials. Do remember to clean it after use.


Q: Will it happen that the hopper shovel too much material to release all?

A: Absolutely not. It was taken into consideration back in the design part. The hopper volume was designed according to the material ratio of concrete.


Q: Does your mixer truck leak?

A: Of course not. Every mixer truck is strictly inspected and tested to ensure it is in a perfect condition before it is shipped to our customer. In use, maintenance is important. The truck needs to be regularly checked for leakage.


Q: Is the drum easy to clean?

A: Yes it is. It will clean itself with fixed procedure. But do remember to clean it immediately after use.


Please feel free to let me know if you have any further questions.


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