Pokiddo Thrilling devil slides waves Kids Games Plastic Soft Play Area Children Indoor Playground Equipment Slides

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Steel structure,wooden,
>3 Years


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Kindergarten,Park,Indoor paradise
1 Set
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10-25 Days

The height of the floor is more than 6 meters.
The screaming slide is a new type of slide.
It`s more cool,more irritating and challenging than the traditional slide.

To ensure the safety of the children, the screaming slides have high barriers on both sides.
In addition, in order to meet the different needs of children of all ages, the screaming slide is divided into three types.
They are two-stage slide, wave slide and 90° right angle slide.

We raised the side shields

It's better to prevent kids from being overweight and underweight

Or an accident because of too fast speed

The surface of the slide is made of imported linen

Anti static, reduce friction and scratch risk

Both adults and children can feel more comfortable playing

In recent years, some slide safety incidents occur frequently, causing a series of social problems. Some large outdoor slides have certain security risks.

We choose to use natural slide proof cushion in Pokiddo。

Natural materials are light and tough, durable, easy to bend and excellent processing performance. Due to its strong plasticity and firm texture, some natural materials are widely used in knitting process. Because of these advantages, natural materials are used in the slide cushion and slide cushion。

Good technology is not afraid of comparison

Integration of production and sales
Direct selling is because of the manufacturers
So you can enjoy the lowest price!

If you want to add the devil's slide equipment, the site must be at least 3 floors above the naughty castle.
The top of the devil's slide needs to be installed on the position of the 2-floor platform.

In other words, the minimum height of the devil's slide must be about 2.8 meters, and the height of the whole stadium should be at least 4 meters.

We pay attention to every detail, from design to artcrafts, we try our best to satisfy different needs of different children and adults and make our customers have great fun.

We still own more details advantage, want to learn more?

Contact us soon!!!

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Choose professional manufacturer, you will save more money and time!

Pokiddo EQreative Zone

Pokiddo Amusement Toy Co.,Ltd is the professional solution provider and builder of Indoor Amusement and Trampoline Park who is delicated to the R&D ,manufacture sales and installation.We decided to provide one-stop services for all of our customers’ needs,that anything you could imagine, we would help bring to life.

Pokiddo participated in the Eurpean and American Amusement Industry Summit for 15 consecutive years.We had more than 800 successful cases and prossessed over 400,000 square meter Children Playground and Trampoline Park construction experience .Pokiddo to be a high-end trampoline park investment brand.

We advocate ‘
KIDS NEED PLAY’,create a space for children that called ‘Pokiddo EQreative Zone’.Thus ,we built a team to collect all the useful experience to help you operate a successful park.

Question #1:
Do I need prior experience to own a Pokiddo Park?

Answer : No.The advantage of investing in our franchise is that we will make sure you are tranined and ready to run your business. We will be there for you after you open to provide any support and additional resources you need.

Question #2:
Does devil slide have floor height requirements?

Answer :The devil's slide is more demanding. If you want to put devil's slide in the children's playground, the children's playground must be at least 3-story structure, and the entrance of the devil's slide needs to be installed at the position of the 2-floor platform. In other words, the height of the smallest devil's slide must be at least 2.8 meters, and the height of the whole children's playground should be at least 4 meters.

Question #3:
Can the devil slide be customized?

Answer : Of course, devil's slide belongs to customized products, which can also be customized according to the actual situation of the venue. If your building is high enough and has enough buffer zone, the devil slide can not only be 2.8 meters high, but also 4.2 meters, 5.6 meters, or even 7 meters high.

Question #4:
Does Pokiddo offer a Multi-Unit franchise opportunity?

Answer : Yes! We understand that you may want the flexibility to pen multiple locations and have complete control of your territory. You will be probided a protected territory region as part of your multi unit franchise agreement.You will also be given a first right of refusal for adjacent territories.

Question #5:
How much time does the project need?

Answer : Estimated it takes 4 months from contacting to opening.
Now it`s time to contact us to see if Pokiddo is a fit and offer more in depth information.

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