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Product Overview


Product parameters

The latest Boyou brand automatic car washing has raised the standard of non-contact car washing equipment. Focusing on increasing revenue and improving total cost of ownership, the car wash system provides the best return on investment in the industry. Smart 360 ™ Technology enables the car washing system to respond to the dynamic conditions of the car washing room, and allows it to "think independently", increase the normal operation time and optimize the car washing process.

Significantly faster cleaning speeds increase vehicle throughput and shorten production lines to your customer satisfaction. Simplified machine design and lower energy and utility use reduce operating costs, resulting in a more profitable car wash business.

Basic equipment parameters
Project Description
Basic parameters
Mode configuration
Standard √
Optional O
Car washing machine outer frame installation size requirements
Standard mode
Frame mounting length
Precision mode
Frame mounting width
3200mm ~4000mm
Chassis flush
Frame mounting height
Manual stepping smart distance detection
High pressure pump and dosing pump integrated station power
Rotating smart flush
High pressure piston pump and motor power
Tire washing
Car wash liquid pump
Car wash spray
High foam shampoo pump
High foam shampoo spray
Coated water wax plus liquid pump
Coated water wax spray
Intelligent control system power
Automatic drying
Pic central processor
LED prompt guidance
Man-machine control panel
Car wash count
Operating system power
Fault self-test
Longitudinal stepless variable frequency motor, intelligent stepper drive
Antifreeze automatic emptying
Lateral servo motor
Automatic standby
Cantilever drive servo motor
Smart card payment
Air drying system power
WeChat payment
Multi-wing air dryer
4KW *3
Outer frame
Average energy consumption breakdown
Remote mode
Chassis flushing water
Vehicle washing water
Standard fine mode 130L
An ciliary equipment
Quick and fine mode 100L
Water tank
Car washing fluid
Air compressor
High foaming shampoo
Coated water wax
Machine power consumption
0.7kw·h/each time

Main Features
1. Intelligent unmanned systems, self-service card payment system.
2. Smart 360 technology.
3. Intelligent chemical mixing system.
4. Innovative suspension system without resistance rails.
5. Unique embedded fast air drying system.
6. Digital voice security alarm system.
7. Faulty self-checking system.
8. One key anti-frozen system

Our Company

brief introduction
Shandong Boyou Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture and sale of fully automatic car washing machines in China. The company is located in the Zhucheng Economic Development Zone of Shandong Province, which is famous for its beautiful scenery and developed transportation.
Our company is a leading-edge automatic car washing machine developed and manufactured. It has won the favor of customers with its unique structure, beautiful appearance, excellent production and advanced technology. The company is committed to technological upgrading, improving the function and quality of its products, taking the lead in passing the ISO 9001 international quality management system certification, and has a number of invention patent technologies, which are well received by customers.
The company has professional and technical personnel, engineers, and sales and after-sales service personnel, forming a team of high-quality young and highly innovative team spirit. The company has always been "people-oriented, technology-leading, integrity management, create a well-known brand" for the purpose, as always, to provide customers with reliable products, perfect service, common development, and create success.
In today's increasingly fierce market competition, we take scientific research as the guide, technology as the guarantee, quality as the foundation, and perfect after-sales service as the guarantee to provide customers with better products and services.
The company is willing to work with people from all walks of life to provide technical advice, planning, design, and friends from all over the world come to discuss cooperation.

contact information

Shandong Boyou Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd
Address: 300m east of the intersection of east outer ring and South outer ring of Zhucheng, Weifang, Shandong
Email: [email protected]
Mobile Phone: +86-13248366389
WeChat: 13248366389

Our Service

Pre-Sales Service
* Inquiry and consulting support.
* Sample testing support.
* View our Factory.
After-Sales Service
*Support equipment door-to-door installation and commissioning
* Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine.
* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Computer control system of car washing machine
The whole machine uses the world-famous brand (Taiwan delta) PLC, servo controller, servo motor, frequency converter and HMI human-computer interface to realize the digital control of the forward and backward, left and right movement and rotating arm of the car washing machine, which improves the stability and accuracy of the car washing machine.
Body detection and approach point detection
Boyou car washing machine adopts German beijiafu ultrasonic distance meter to detect the length and width of the car body, and German beijiafu switch to control the near point. Reliability and accuracy

High pressure pump station and computer proportioning dosing system
The pump station adopts German pinfu high-pressure plunger pump, and Siemens motor integrates domestic advanced technology, which is more efficient and energy-saving
Electric circuit components of car washing machine
The contactor, air switch, power-off protector and relay of Swedish Schneider brand are selected, which greatly improves the safety and stability of the circuit control system of the car washing machine.


1. High pressure pre-wash for under chassis and wheels.
Equipped with a unique chassis and fan hub flush function, 90bar high pressure water can effectively remove
dirt on chassis, body sides and wheels

2. Smart 360 rotate arm, spray various washing chemicals with high-precision proportioning technology.
100% accurate measurement with adjustable ratio. only 20~50ml pre-soak comsumption for washing one car through high precision
chemical mixing system, save material and cost efficiently.

3. Smart 360 rotate arm, Flush car body 360° with high pressure water.
Complete 360° rotating within 28 seconds, water saving 50%, electricity saving 60%, automatic detect the length and width of the
vehicle, up to 80bar high pressure water can easily remove the dirt.

4. Magic color polish shampoo
Thick foam makes cleaning maintenance component fuller contact with dirt, thereby improving the efficiency of decontamination,
making the paint colors more moist, bright lights.
Unique soft-type broad-spectrum activity of ion cleansing agents, emulsifying effective daily cleaning dirt on the car body and
non-corrosive for the car paint, wheels, tires, window glass.

5. Soft water with crystal wax coat
Soft water can make magic crystal coating color shampoo and wax completely adsorbed body surface, forming a multi-layered
interaction strength protective film, car paint become more glorious and beautiful with durable paint protection.
Crystal coating of wax can be generated in the paint surface layer polymer, the water softener fused into a hard protective film,
with superior protection of car paint, and features anti-acid rain, pollution, UV erosion.

6. Unique embedded fast drying system.
Leisuwash 360 Configuring three 5.5kw and one 4kw motors embedded in the washing machine, control the airflow by four cylindrical
outlet, the first task is to split a bunch of wind air, reducing wind drag subsequent to follow airflow to dry the surface of the
car body, Leisuwash 360 optimize the characteristics of wind speed, other traditional type of fan is to improve the speed, but
wind has been minimized when arrive the car body, and in fact the high-speed airflow is the best dried solution.

Friendly HMI Design
*LED with voice guidance
*Automatic clean rearview mirror
*Faulty record with data report
* Automatic standby service
* Multi control mode ( could operate wash system through touch panel, magnetic card, payment station button, remote controller )

Packing & Delivery


Q1: How do you control your production quality?
A: We have an independent QC team. Our QC teams do sample inspection, part inspection during production and 100% final inspection before each shipment.
Q2: Can I have a visit to your company before placing an order?
A: Sure, welcome to visit BoYou AE. Our factories locates in Shandong province , our showroom is in Zhucheng,Shandong province.
Q3: What kind of support can I get if I am BoYou AE’s agent?
A: Bottom price, free catalog and gift for marketing, on site training.
Q4: May I know the Lead time?
A:The lead time of our machine is 15 to 30 days.
Q5: What is your payment terms?
We accept Alibaba Trade Assurance, TT, LC, etc.
Q6: Can you provide the whole workshop automotive equipment?
A: Yes. we have 6 series contains nearly all automotive equipment.
Q7: How long is the warranty?
A: Our warranty is 48 months, we will send free parts for replacement in warranty, supply spare parts for lifetime.

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