Pet Bottles Flakes Granulating Pelleting Line Recycled Plastic Granules HAORUI Machinery

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  The waste plastic film cleaning line is mainly used to recycle waste plastic packaging film, agricultural film, greenhouse film and other films. The recycling cleaning line integrates film screening, crushing, cleaning and drying as one, and is an essential equipment for waste plastic film recycling.At the same time can be configured according to customer requirements granulating unit, can be directly to clean the film granulating recovery.






1.The design of the machine barrel adopts 45# steel after fine processing and quenching treatment, which has higher hardness and certain wear-resisting and corrosion-resisting performance. In addition, a certain size slot is set at the feed end to facilitate feeding.


2.The heating system is composed of heating rings, which are distributed separately outside the cylinder. The materials inside the cylinder are heated and plasticized uniformly, and the changes of setting temperature are automatically adjusted through the instrument control on the electric cabinet.


3.In order to achieve the stability of the temperature inside the barrel, a cooling fan is added at the bottom of the barrel in design. When the temperature is too high, the cooling fan is automatically controlled by the temperature, which increases the temperature stability of the barrel.0001]UVM56`X8B}6V~34$XU_CWQ

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