LB5000 asphalt hot drum mix plant heavy oil small asphalt mixing plant asphalt mixer

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Product Paramenters

Production capacity (t/h)
Cold aggregate supply system
Feeder hopper (pcs)
Hopper volume(m3/pc)
Loading width(m)
Drying system
Drying drum Ф×L(m)
Driving power(kW)
Burner capacity(MW)
Diesel, heavy oil or gas
Mixing tower
Screening mode
Double vibration motor / linear screening
Screen driving power (kW)
Screen layer
Hot bin volume (m3)
Mixer capacity(kg/batch)
Mixer driving power(kW)
Filler supply system
Stone powder silo volume(m3)
Recycled powder silo volume(m3)
Dust collection system
Dust collection mode
Primary gravity dust collection + secondary bag filter pulse cleaning
Filtering area(m2)
Bitumen supply system
Bitumen tank (pc x m3)
5 x 50
Hot oil furnace (×104kal/h)
Total power (kW)
Covering area (m x m )
End product underneath storage (m3)

End product side storage (m3)

Product features:
1.Batching system
* aggregate are conveyed by frequency conversion control belt,ensuring accuracy of primary batching.
* Warning device and arch-breaking device efficiently prevent material shortage and jam. The operation is stable and efficient.
* A complete set of hard-tooth reducer has compact structure,ensuring high transmission efficiency, low failure rate and convenient maintenance.

2.Dedusting system
* German technology, inertia dedusting combined with pulse bag filter dedusting,dust emission less than 50mg/N㎥, environment protection.
*Over temperature protection system, double protection: the cold air valve opens automatically when the exhaust temperature is high, and the burner automatically closes when the exhaust temperature is too high.
3. Drying system
* The scraper inside the drying drum is made of high temperature resistant and wear-resistant material. The material curtain is distributed evenly,ensuring sufficient heat exchange and long service life.
* Low-pressure atomization technology, mechanical auxiliary atomization, adjustment ratio up to 1:10, suitable for a variety of fuels (diesel, heavy oil, natural gas), low noise.
* Four-wheel friction driving with high efficiency and stable performance.

4. Hot elevating system
* The elevator is of double-row plate chain with low noise, stable performance and long life.
* The bucket is made of low-alloy high-strength structural steel with wear-resistant lath at the edge. Build-up welding technology make it solid and stable with long life.
5.Screening system
* Independently developed twin-shaft linear screen, vibration motor and horizontal twin-shaft (eccentric shaft) design make ensure that operating is efficient,screen replacing is fast and convenient,service life is long, and bearing maintenance exempt.
* Overflow design, triple guarantee: hot bin level indicator ensures accurate monitoring; overflow pipeline ensures automatic flow-off when the material is full; oversized-material chute ensures the flow-off of the aggregate when the specification is off-standard.
6. Weighing system
* The aggregate scale is tension-sensor accumulative weighing, with the function of splash error automatic correction, for large model it adopts the way of double aggregate scale synchronous weighing, the accuracy is ± 2.5%.
* The filler scale is three-point tension-sensor accumulative weighing, the accuracy is ± 2%.
* The bitumen scale is three-point tension-sensor accumulative weighing, with secondary weighing ,the accuracy is ± 2%.
7. Mixer
* Horizontal twin-shaft mixer, lining board and mixing blade is made of high-strength wear-resistant Nickel alloy with long service life.
* The connecting rod turnover type discharging door opens and closes flexibly without jamming.
* The end product storage bin has heat preservation function. When the ambient temperature is 15-25 ℃, the mixture temperature decrease ≤ 5 ℃ within 12 hours.
8. Control system
* The PLC-control cabinet with Siemens parts realizes automatic, semi-automatic and manual control. It has the functions of formula input and storage, splash error automatic correction, parameter adjustment, scale calibration, bitumen aggregate ratio dynamic tracking, automatic failure diagnosis, automatic alarm and data printing.
9. After-sale service
* Modular design for convenient and fast installation, maintenance, relocation and transportation.

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Q1: How about the price?
A:We are a professional manufacturer and the offer of product is for reference only,the final price will be according to your configuration,and the final interpretation right belongs to our company.

Q2: What is your payment term?

A:We usually accept T/T, L/C. T/T: Pay 30% of the contract total value in advance ;70% of the total price will be paid before delivery.

Q3: What is the delivery time?
A: Asphalt mixing plant:60 days after receiving advance payment.
Concrete batching plant:30 days after receiving advance payment.
Stabilized soil mixing plant:15 days after receiving advance payment.

Q4: Do you provide after-sale service?
A: Yes. The warranty period of our equipment is one year from delivery, and we have a professional after-sale service team to promptly and thoroughly solve your problems.

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