Автоматическая Машина Для Стерилизации Трубки UHT/машина для стерилизации молока UHT/оборудование для стерилизации молока UHT

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Application

The plate sterilizer machine is sterilization equipment specially designed for juice,tea drinks or similar liquid materials. It is the ideal equipment that material can extend the shelf life purpose through sterilizing and cooling. According to users' different requirements to material heating, sterilization, heat preservation and cooling, to design various technical requirements for different flow assembly, meet the technological requirements and have all kinds of security protection measures and high temperature alarm, low temperature function of the back flow. At the same time, according to users' requirements, corresponding configuration of high accuracy of the automatic control system.

Semi-automatic configuration: the whole process of operation is semi-automatically control. Operator can control the pumps, valves and back flow function on the control panel. By the temperature control PID to maintain the sterilization temperature. Sterilization temperature has a continuous record.

Technical process:

For milk:
5°C milk→65°C-75°C Homogenize→85°C-90°C Pasteurize(15s)→4°C Packing

For Juice:
Juice 30°C→ (65-75)°C Homogenize→(137)°C Sterilize(4s)→88°C filling and packaging→30-45°C Circumfluence

1. Heat transferring efficiently
2. Energy saving
3. Temperature controlling is more accuracy
4. No touching the liquid, more hygiene
5. Cleaning more easily

Main Features

This product consists of three parts, heating, sterilizing and cooling, and plate and tube sterilization can be combined in many ways with two separate heating and cooling sections for in-line homogenization. The temperature of the product can reach 140 degrees centigrade. All parts of the equipment in contact with the products are made of SUS 316 stainless steel. The sleeves, washers and seals are made of food grade fluorine rubber. DIN pipe fittings are used to connect the product pipes. In the display output, the UHT type sterilization machine configurable touch screen PLC semi-automatic program control and manual control system, and can according to user requirements selection pressure gauge or digital sensor, the temperature of the product flow and other parameters to reflect the dynamic. Therefore, the equipment can simulate the vast majority of industrial production in the laboratory.

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Installation and commissioning
After the equipments arrived buyer's workshop, the buyer should take it's place for each equipment according to the supplied layout; the seller will send the experienced technician to guide the installation and debugging and trail production, and fulfil the designed capability within the designed time.

The seller will supply technical training to the buyer. The training is includes: equipment structure and maintenance, control and operation. After training, the technicians of the buyer will grasp relevant operation and maintenance skills, and could adjust the technologies more skilled, and can deal with all kinds of malfunction in time.

After-sales service
1) After qualified of the equipment, the seller will supply one year guarantee, control system one year guarantee, free charge for wearing parts, and other spare parts with cost price. Within guarantee period, the technicians who accepted training should strictly obey the requirements asked by the seller to operate the equipments and maintenance, to find the common malfunctions and fault clearing in time; if the technicians of the buyer couldn't solve the problems themselves, the after-sales department will supply long range guide service by phone; if relevant measurements couldn't solve the problems, the seller will send the technicians to the buyer factory, clear the fault or relevant technical problems on site, the charges will reference to the installation and debugging charges.

2) After guaranteed, the seller will supply widely favorable technical support, after-sales service for the lifetime: favorable price for the wearing parts and other spare parts.

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Located in Zhangjiagang City of Suzhou, the Yangtze River Delta, our company is covers an area of 6,000 square meters, with a more than 80 professionals team to design and develop, is a key professional enterprise, which integrates development, research, design, manufacture, technology service and marketing, to manufacture complete sets of wine, beverage and sticky filling equipments.

We are adhering to the principle of "market-oriented, quality as the main line, service as the guarantee and repute as the basis". MESURE follows international quality management system, it has established and improved the quality assurance system to ensure the quality and performance of the company's products. The Development department of MESURE, with advanced technologies, has more than 30 full-time design and development engineers. MESURE's technologies mainly sources from Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Japan; furthermore, a set of liquid filling production line with advanced technology and high starting-point has been developed combined with China's basic conditions, its high automation level achieved the one in late nineties. Department of After-sale Service of MESURE adheres to service goal of "Customers' needs are urgent, customers' requirements are important, customers' satisfaction is the aim", provides the services of equipment installation guidance, products testing, maintenance and spare-parts supplying, consultation, complaints, regular visit every 24 hours.

MESURE has a network for the complete set of beverage bottling lines for all over the world's end user, such as USA, Britain, Japan, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, Russia, CIS, South Africa etc. Besides the production and sale of equipments, MESURE provides various technical services to help users design equipment layout, answer users' consultation, train users' staff and provide practical operation guidance.

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