20 градусов Заводская конкурентоспособная цена холодильная камера для мяса chambre froide (1600135847131)

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Cold room Freezer is widely used according to the using can be divided into the following types :
Logistics cold storage /refrigeration cold storage/Quick-freezing cold storage/Fresh-keeping cold storage/Dual-temperature cold storage/Medical cold storage

1. Fresh-keeping cold room: The temperature range usually keeping in 0℃~5℃.
2: Medium temperature coldroom: freezer:The temperature range usually keeping in -10℃~-20℃.
3: Quick-freezing cold storage:The temperature range usually keeping in -30℃
4: Low temperature storage:The temperature range usually keeping in℃-25℃~-40℃

Refrigeration unit
Copeland/Biter etc.
Refrigeration type
Air cooled/water cooled/evaporation cooled
R22,R404a,R447a,R448a,R449a,R507a Refrigerant
Defrost Type
Electric defrosting
220V/50Hz,220V/60Hz,380V/50Hz,380V/60Hz,440V/60Hz optional
New material polyurethane insulation panel,43kg/m3
Panel thickness
Type of door
Hanged door,sliding door,double swing electric sliding door,truck door
Temp. of room
-60℃~+20℃ optional
All necessary fittings are included,optional
Place to assemble
Indoor/out door(concrete construction building/steel construction building)

Guangxi cooler refrigeration equipment co.,ltd ONE-STOP COLD ROOM SOLUTION, provide you a professional cold storage
Product details
1. High-density thickened polyurethane cold storage panel
2. High-efficiency energy-saving refrigeration unit
3. Ultra quiet evaporator
4. Simple and easy-to-operate intelligent temperature control system

Customization instructions:
1. Provide the cold storage size you need
2. Inform the use of cold storage
3. Provide a valid email address for receiving quotes

Installation steps of cold storage
1. Checking the locale be constructed
2. Preparation required equipment materials and tools
3. Transportation of equipment,materials and toolsl
4. Entrance of equipment,materials and tools into the construction site
5. Installation of cold room body
6. Installation of condenser (fan or aluminum row)fixed
7. Installation of compressor and cooler
8. Welding ofrefrigeration system
9. Connection of electronic control system
10. Inspection of refrigeration system
11. The drainage of refrigeration system
12. The drainage in the room and heat preservation system
13. The addition of refrigerated oil and refrigerants
14. The commissioning and operation of refrigeration system
15. The end of project

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