Напольное покрытие из натурального дерева

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Product Overview


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 S4S Ipe wood decking 


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pregroove anti-slip ipe decking 


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Product Description


Why Ipe decking 


ipe raw wood  (1)


Ipe is also known as Tabebulia Serratifolia, Ipe Tabaco, Brazilian Walnut,  Tahuari, Madera Negra, Greenheart, Amapa, Brazilian Ironwood | Origin: South America (primarily Brazil) | Janka Hardness Rating: 3,680 lbs.


Ipe timber decking can vary from batch to batch and board to board. the wood is natural. Ipe color can vary from rich browns with red and amber hues, and ranges from a light or tan brown, to dark olive or nearly dark brown. Ipe wood decking grain is extremely dense and tight. Ipe wood grain can be both wavy and straight. It’s beautiful appearance and color variation made ipe decking one of the best decking material choice.


Bowin Floor set up a brand office near Guangzhou , we have over 6 kinds of outdoor decking on sale , such as ipe , teak , iroko , merbau , balau , cumaru . 


Why Ipe timber Decking 


  • Ipe wood is extremely durable

  • Long life expectancy of 50+ years

  • Termite resistant wood

  • Stands up to harsh climates

  • Ipe timber requires very little maintenance

  • Mold and fungus resistant

  • Resistant to cracks and checking

  • Slip resistant surface

  • Ipe hardwood is twice as hard as Redwood

  • Ipe lumber is three times stronger than Cedar

Data base of Ipe decking 



100 x 20 mm, 120 x 18 mm, 140x 20 mm 


 1.8 - 4.5 m


Select & better sap-free on three sides. Minor defects allowed on bottom side


S4S, Pre groove

Moisture Content

Kiln Dry 12 to 15 % M.C .

Janka Hardness

3,684 psi

Strength ( MOR )

13,600 lbf/in2 (93.8 MPa)

Stiffness ( MOE )

3129 psi


1090 kg/m3


Heartwood can vary in color from reddish brown, to a more yellowish olive brown or darker blackish brown; sometimes with contrasting darker brown/black stripes.


Radial: 5.9%, Tangential: 7.2%, Volumetric: 12.4%, T/R Ratio: 1.2

Geographic Area

Brazil, Peru, South America

End Sealed


Price Range



Has a fine to medium texture, with the grain varying from straight to irregular or interlocked. Moderate natural luster.

Durable Rating

Rated as very durable, excellent insect resistance, though some species are susceptible to marine borers. Superb weathering characteristics.


 Bowin Floor Do supply S4S & Pre Groove Hidden Nails Ipe Decking 


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 pg ipe decking (15)


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Buyer Feedback


 Ipe decking boards by the lake 


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Packaging & Shipping


1: Solid wood & engineered flooring pack in white box with EPE Form with pallet ,


     Solid wood flooring  1x 20' container     = 1180 m2 


     Engineered Flooring  1 x 20 ' container = 2000 m2 12 mm thick flooring 


                                                                    = 1650 m2 14 mm thick flooring 


                                                                    = 1350 m2  18 mm thick flooring 


                                                                    = 1200 m2  20 mm thick flooring 


2: Decking & Cladding  packed in pallet with Moisture proof shrink warp 


3 : 15-25 days production time for common items , 35-40 days customized product 


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