domestic water meter/ single flow non valve control smart water meter with Nb module

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Product Overview


product appearance:

Single flow non valve control intelligent water meter

technical parameters:

technical standard
CJ/T224-2012《Electronic remote water meter》
GB/T778.1~3-2007《Close the measurement of water flow in a full pipe and use cold and hot water meters for drinking water》
accuracy rating
Level 2
work pressure
pressure loss
1.6MPa water pressure, no leakage, leakage and damage within 15 minutes
nominal pressure
nominal voltage
Protection grade
working voltage
lowest reading
full-scale reading
Climate and mechanical environment safety rating
Class B
transmitted power
frequency error
receive sensitivity
working frequency range
433/470MHz(780/868/915MHz are available)
Modulation Mode
communication distance
No sheltered distance indoors:1.5km
storage temperature
Battery model
Outdoor open space:3.5km
operating temperature
Life Time
10 years
medium temperature
Hot water meter temperature:1℃~90℃
quiescent dissipation
closing valve time
Cold water meter for 1℃~45℃
Receiving power
relative humidity
Launching power
Control valve normal operating current
Measurement level
Class B

Metering introduction:
Hall sensor: it can measure water consumption in non-contact way and meanwhile convert measured data to display for user

In a water meter, the rotating rotor is a changing magnetic flux to the hall element,which causes the hall magnetic sensor to produce a changing electrical signal. In the principle of magnetic induction, a magnet is installed on the pointer of the mechanical water meter ; Hall magnetic sensor is fixed in the appropriate position, and the pointer rotation drives the magnet rotation.When the magnet approaches or leaves hall magnetic sensor, hall magnetic sensor can sense the signal, change the rotation number into the number of pulses, and send the pulses to the signal collector after shaping.The amount of water consumption can be determined by the number of pulses.

1. Hall sensor can measure the current and voltage of any waveform, such as dc, ac, pulse,and even the transientpeak.The secondary current faithfully reflects the waveform of the primary current. But , the ordinary transformer can’t . The ordinary one can only supply to measuring 50Hz sine wave.
2. The primary circuitis of complete electrical insulation fromthe secondary circuit. The insulation voltage is generally 2KV to 12KV, and can reach 20KV to 50KV for special requirements.
3. High accuracy: the accuracy is better than 1% underthe operating temperature , which is availablefor measuring any waveform But , the general accuracy of ordinary transformer is 3% to 5% and it is only suitable for 50Hz sine wave.

Communication introduction
The main chip of NB-IOT communication module adopts the high-performance embedded ARM cortex-m3 32-bit RISC controller, which
ensures the stability of the device with multilevel software detection and multiple hardware protection mechanisms.It is composed
of the powerful ARM cortex-m3 32-bit RISC microcontroller and NB-IOT wireless spread spectrum chip .

Product features are as follows:
(1) nb-iot module adopts LGA package, small in size, compact in structure and easy for embedded product application;
(2)wide voltage supply design, suitable for more applications;
(3) integrated TCP/UDP and other data transmission protocols and embedded rich network service protocols, easy to design and
upgrade products;
(4)passed the high and low temperature test, in line with the industrial environment;
(5)provide upper computer software to realize on-site test equipment and compatibility with existing equipment;
(6) deep coverage: 100 times more coverage than GSM;
(7) mass connection: each community can provide 50,000-100,000 connections;
Low power consumption: the useful life of terminal battery is over 6 years;

After the communication module is superimposed, if combined with the integrated energy
control platform software independently developed by the company,It can realize:
* Unmanned, reduced manpower.
●automatic data logging.
●Industrial-grade communication equipment ensures the safety and reliability of meter reading.
●Complete system log traceability is available.
●Visual graphics, data statistics.
●Meter status alarm;When low-power and low-volume magnetic attack sampling fault leakage alarm (external leakage alarm) occurs,
real-time alarm information is uploaded to the background application platform.
●Control the gasmeter valve switch through background application software (desktop WEB and mobile APP).
●When the meteris removed or attacked by external forces, the information will be transmitted to the background application
platform in real time
●The stability of data transmission can be monitored.


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