Food Grade PE Coated Paper Roll for Sugar candy pepper Sachets sticks (1600142389096)

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Product Overview


Eco Friendly High quality PE Coated Paper For making Paper Cup

Hot Drink Cup size
Hot Drink Paper suggested
Cold Drink Cup size
Cold Drink Paper suggested


Food grade materials.
1. Food grade cup stock paper
2. Food grade PE materials
3. Certified by SGS, Test Report No. is: GZAFF160910888ME

Smooth waterproof.
1. The smooth surface has no noise.
2. Can pour dumb film and bright film.

Core details.
1. Core 3 inch and 6 inch are available.
2. Strong tampion in two sides of the core.

Pallet loading.
1. Packed by pallet, easy for loading & unloading.
2. Polywooded pallet, free fumigation.

1.Uncoated cup paper. → 2.Paper material testing. → 3.PE coating processing. → 4.PE coating finished→ 5.QC inspection. → 6.Packing finished.

 1. Core:  
      3 inch is the regular size of the core. There are also some printing machine require the core to be 6 inch.
      Therefore, we make both 3 inch core and 6 inch core to be available.
2. Kraft paper wrapped outside:  
      Kraft paper is strong and it is good to protect the paper roll from scratches or damage.
3. PE film wrapped outside:
     PE film is for prevent the paper roll from dust and moisture, to keep the paper roll to be dry and clean.
4. Pallet loading:
     Pallets makes the paper rolls to be much more easier for loading and unloading. 

Quality control is one of our very important procedure during the produdtion.
Raw material Quality Control As Below:

PE coating Quality Control As Below:

Shipping Details as below:

Order Shipment Type
Logistics Type
Shipping Line
Official Order
By Sea
Sample order
By Air
Document Shipment
By Air/courier

Payment Term Details as below:

Trade Term
Payment Type
Payment Term Description
T/T 30% down payment, T/T 70% before shipment
T/T 30% down payment, T/T 70% before shipment
T/T 30% down payment, T/T 70% before shipment
100% L/C at sight

Dear Customers,

Asalam Alaykum, Nice to meet you.

Kindly allow us to briefly introduce ourselves to enhance mutual understanding.
As you may noticed, we, Nanning Paperjoy Paper Industrial Co., Ltd. have been specializing in manufacturing PE coated cup paper since the year 2006.

The followings are some basic points you may be interested :
1. With 14 Years PE coating experience, our professional products include PE coated paper cup fan , bottom roll, PE coated paper Jumbo roll, and PE coated paper sheet.
2. We have more than 100 employees, about 50 people of them are over 5-year professional technicians, and more than 30 of them have over 14 years experience of PE coated cup paper.
3. ISO 9001:2015 certified factory quality control system, SGS certified food grade products, we have an output of 1400 Metric Tons one month with a complete set of production line and testing equipment.

Send us message please for the lastest price now, we will quote you as soon as receiving your kind information.
Please kindly note we welcome your further request for more information. It’s our sincere wish that we can know each other
better,and work together in the near future.

We mainly produce PE coated paper, it is the raw materials for making paper cups, for example, PE coated paper jumbo roll, paper cup fan, bottom roll and so on.

(1) We have two PE coating machines:
With production capcity of 1400 tons/month for one side PE coating and two sides PE coating, actual output now is about 1000 tons/month, there are still 400 tons capcity waiting for your order to meet it. 
(2) Two flexo printing machines:
Both are four-color printing, they can bring excellent printing result. And our designer can help to make cup fan design for your selection, or just send us your picture, our designer can make a design accordingly for your confirmation. 
(3) Five high-speed diecutting machines:
It is flexible for different sizes of paper cup fan, and cutting deviation is ±1mm, make sure the paper cup fan size is exactly same and friendly to your paper cup machine. 
(4) Two punching machines:
One is with the mould of 6.5oz, the other with the mould of 9oz. This machine can take off the fan from the printed jumbo roll automatically, saving much labor and time, if your paper cup fan size is same as these two mould size, the order delivery time will be at least 30% faster than usual. 
(5) One high-speed slitting machines:
It is usually used for producing bottom roll, like 64mm or 67mm bottom rools, slitting deviation is ±1mm, at least 300 tons production capcity in one month.
(6) One high-speed paper sheet cutting machine:
It is usually used for producing paper sheet, like 900x640mm paper sheet, 860x520mm, and so on, maximum width is 1000mm, minimum lenght is 420mm, slitting deviation is ±1mm, at least 600 tons production capcity in one month.

For the First order, usually, if the order items is PE coated paper roll and paper sheet, delivery time can be within 20 days. If order items is paper cup fan, delivery time can be within 25 days, as the paper cup fan requires the printing, diecutting procedures, so there is 5 more days.
We fully understand that time is money, in future orders, we can also prepare the regular raw materials in advance in stock, to save the time of materials purchasing process, so that the delivery time can be shorter,15 days like that.

For a whole order, the total quantity need to be at least 15 tons, it is a full 1x20ft.Because 1x20ft can load about 15 tons paper.
However, the item specification and size inside can be mixed, mininum quantity of each item need to be at least 3 tons.
For example, the 15 tons paper cup fan order, there can be 3oz fan 170+12PE to be 3 tons, 6oz fan 190+15PE to be 3 tons, and 9oz fan 210+15PE to be 4 tons, 12oz fan 210+15PE to be 5 tons, like that.

As a manufacturer of paper cup raw materials, in order to provide you with more efficient, professional and exellent service,
our sales team has been designed into three groups, they are Markeing group, Sales group and Shipping group.
The sales group will professionally help you with the quotations, product FAQ, samples, PI/contracts and so on.
The shipping group will take good care of your order delivery time, ship booking, container loading, shipping documents and so on.
They will keep you in touch directly by e-mails, wechat or whatsapp, you will enjoy it all through the processing of the order.
Sincerely hope that our sales team will be a great of help and and bring good luck and great wealth for your business.

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