SUCCESS Wholesale 440hz/432hz White Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl For Forest

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SUCCESS Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl
Our Crystal Singing Bowls are manufactured of pure natural quartz crystal. The crushed quartz is heated to at least 3000 degrees in manufacturing, they are tested to determine the musical note. The 12 notes starting with C, then C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, and B. These notes are orderly associated with the seven chakras of the human system. They move through our body in vibrant waves, calming, aligning, and healing our energy centers. More and more medical research validates the effective use of thesebowls in balancing and healing the human body, mind, and spirit.
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Product Name:
Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl
6-24 inch
99.99% pure crystal
Rubber mallet Suede mallet
Rubber o-ring
Carrying bags.

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Find the rainbow in your life, the color of the chakras

About Chakra and Colors
Root Chakra 
Note C
Red, enhances vitality, brings vitality and security to depressed people.
Navel Chakra
Note D
Orange, soothes nervous system tension and trauma.
Solar Plexus Chakra
Note E
Yellow makes people more outgoing and happily go through all the difficulties.
Heart Chakra
Note F
Green is in charge of compassion, love and compassion.
Throat Chakra
Note G
Blue, improve the ability of communication, expression and creativity
Third-Eye Chakra
Note A
Indigo is about intuition, insight, leadership and belief.
Crown Chakra
Note B
Purple, inspiration, mission of survival, great wisdom, knowing the purpose of one's life.

The human body is a giant crystal. Our bones, muscles, and blood are filled with various minerals. These crystals and the crystal singing bowl can effectively resonate in harmony. 
When the crystal bowl emits a beautiful sound, the external crystal and inner crystal, the process of mutual reflection, the gradual blending of external and internal vibrations, is a harmonious healing process.

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How to Play

Step 1:
Use your singing bowl in a quiet and calm space, then please put the rubber ring which comes with the bowl on a flat surface and set your bowl on it.
Step 2:
Gently tap the outer rim of the bowl. Glide the mallet around the outer edge of the rim.
Step 3:
Continue gliding with constant, firm pressure to continue the singing sound.


Carry bags for crystal singing bowl
Color: Black, Purple and Green. Please ask our customer service to buy it. Not free.

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How To Get Along With Your Crystal Singing Bowl:
1.When wiping the dust in the crystal bowl, please choose a soft and clean cloth. If necessary, you can wash it with diluted soapy water and let it dry naturally.
2.The crystal bowl is fragile, pay attention to your strength. If the sound of grinding the bowl is too loud, the violent vibration that lasts for too long can easily cause the crystal bowl to break.
3.Learn to make yourself gentle and vigorous. You will gradually acquire the most relaxing force and license the loudest healing bowl.

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Supply sample as required within 2-5days, are usually delivered by EMS/DHL or other express.
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