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Product Overview


Products Description

1. Product Description
1). Bright-colored exquisite powder.
2). Good weatherability (Lightfastness, heat-resistant and alkali resistant)
3). Strong tinting power, excellent coverage and fine dispersion.
Product performance, threering pigments are excellent in physical and chemical properties. The product has high covering power, good color applying, soft color, stable performance, alkaline resistant, stable to specific weak acid and diluted acid, excellent lightresistant and time resistance performance. The product is not soluble to water or organic solvent and has excellent anti-corrosive and anti-ultraviolet ray performances.

powder, the colors include white, red, yellow, black green, blue, brown, and etc.
It applies to pigmentations for all kinds of coatings and paints. It is applicable to pigmentations for pigmentations for primer,
putty, top coat of coatings and paints.

Model/ Types:
Iron Oxide Red: 101; 110; 130; 130A; 130S; 190
Iron Oxide Yellow: 313; 313-1;920
Iron Oxide Green: 835; 868
Iron Oxide Black: 722A; 585; 353; 9330
Iron Oxide Brown: 610; 686
Iron Oxide Blue: 022; 463; 466
Iron Oxide Orange: 960

Dispersibility (Hegman)
Tinting Strength

iron oxide bule Application:
iron oxide pigment Application:
1. Used for coloring of construction, paints, plastic, plastic rubber, printing ink, porcelam, color asphaltum, paper dyes etc.
2. The construction material including metope, ground and marble. And the painting material including oil paint, antisepsis, spray, mosaic bricks, for concrete production, bricks used in pavement, colorful tiles etc.
3.Plastic including thermoset, thermoplasticity plastic coloring, and plastic racetrate, etc.
Blue iron oxide pigment powders is iron oxide yellow green and organic pigments made by coupling a variety of auxilary compound
paint. With a colorful, coloring and strong and so on.
Type : 8310/8311/8312
Properties and appearance :
Blue powder with bright colour,resistance to acids and alkalis,fastness to light,heat.
Having the good chemical stability,excellent in tinting strength and hiding power.

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