8 Port PoE Full Gigabit Industrial Managed PoE Ethernet Switch with 2 SFP DIN Rail Network Switch 24V/48V BT_90W PoE Switch (1600145446989)

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Product Overview


Product Paramenters

hasivo industrial managed PoE switch series have PoE models and non-PoE models of standard version and enhanced version that feature the performance on an industrial level, which can withstand severe working environment. With rich series and flexible port configuration, the switches are suitble for using requirements in various industrial field. Owning an unique and special industry management interface, the switches provide a comprehensive security system, perfect ring network application, QOS strategy and rich VLAN function. It is convenient to manage and maintain which is satisfied in complex environment with high density such as in factories, mines, industry automation, transportation, infrastructure, port and farmlands. High-power PoE power supply and intelligent management function are applied in various network.

Model Name:
(Sdandard Type/Enhanced Type)
(Sdandard Type/Enhanced Type)
Downlink Port
Port 1~2 support 24V/48V 30W PoE
Port 3~4 support BT_90W PoE
Port 5~8 support AT_30W PoE
Uplink Port
2*10/100/1000M SFP



1G DDR3 1333MHz

Power Input
2 Group of independent power input: 
Standby power consumption: ≤5W
Network Full-load power: ≤15W
Standby power consumption: ≤5W
Network Full-load power: ≤15W
Full loaded power: ≤360W
Product Size


DIN rail type(additional wall hangers)

Unique Features
* Unique industrial management interface, achieving high-efficiency network management.
* Lightning protection: up tp 6KV.
* ESD static protection: up to 8KV.
* Support industrial operation temperature: -40℃~80℃;
* Industrial operation humidity: 10%~90% RHnon coagulation.
* 24V/48V auto power supply matching(only for enhanced PoE model).
* BT power supply up to 90W(only for PoEmodel).
* Wide voltage input: 12-57V(SW)/ 37-57V(PoE).
* Power-receiving standard: 12-57V(SW)/ 37-57V(PoE).
* Unique ring network formation with one button to achieve quick application.
* Unique advanced PoEdog function(only for PoE model).

Industrial Monitoring Platform
* One-key quick formation of network.
* Support monitoring and alarm on system temperature.
* Support monitoring and alarm on temperature and humidity in external environment.
* Support monitroing and alram on inpt power.
* Support motoring and alarm on crucial system voltage in various channels.
* Support motoring and alarm on system total current andpower.
* Support motoring and alarm on all-port network.
* Support motoring and alarm onone group of inpt and output signal.

PoE Function
* Support BT_90W power supply in the field and single port power up to 90W,which is advantageous fordome cameras and
AP deployment engineering.
* Intelligently auto matching standard and non-standard PoE devices.
* Support PoEdog: auto restarting,timing restarting and IP binding restarting when devices crashed.
* Port power configuration(AF,AT,HiPoE,BT).
* PoE type configuration on port, selecting 48V/24V power supply according to users' need.
* Owing over-power indicator introductino to protect the normal operation of the switch.
* System total power display and total power configuration.

Complicated and Severe Operation Environment
* hasivo industrial switches are rigorously designed to be complied to a operation temperature at -40℃~80℃; select the industrial components carefully.
* Adopt autonomous heat dissipation to guarantee stable operation for a long time in one temperature range and satisfy variously severe environment.
* High standard electromagnetism anti-interference protection design, adaptive to various severe electromagnetic environment in electricity and indstry premises.
* Adopt ENIG PCB board with the features of high corrosion and oxidation resistance and more excellent eclectricity porformance to greatly improve corrosion resistance performance of the device.
* The chassis passes IP40 protection and decreases dust influence on device.

Surge Protection
* Can pass 6KV common mode, 3KV differential mode surge impact test and 8KV electrostatic protection,
and greatly improve the power supply anti-lightning performance.

Reliable and Stable
* Carefully selected industry components with high standard system design and manufactre control to reduce device fault.
* Adopt ENIG PCB board with the features of high corrosion and oxidation resistance and more excellent eclectricity porformance.
* Handpick high standard imported slolid state capacitor with long service life to increase uservice life of the device by a large margin.
* High redundancy system circuit design,can avoid abrupt external environment effect on normal operation of the device.
* Use strict indutry production test technology to efficiently release electricity stress and greatly promote device reliability.

Compact Metal Body+Sturdy and Durable+Efficient Heat Dissipation
* Chassis size:160mm*130mm*45mm(can be put in the indstrial and compact control cabinet coveniently).
* Adopt metal chassis with high heat conduction to achieve more outstanding heat dissipation.

Products Description


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Company Introduction

Located at Sichuan Meishan of China, Sichuan hasivo has been throughoutly devoted to product researching, manufacturing and selling in the PoE field since established in 2013. Our products cover a range of PoE Switch, UPS Switch,PoE Injector, PoE Separator, Ethernet Switch, Optical Fiber Communication products, PSE Chip, Solar energy control chip, Wind energy control chip and IOT platform, which are exported to up to 30 countries and areas such as Russia,America,Korea,Germany,France, India Thailand and so on. They all have received much popularity and praise from our clients at home and abroad.

Hasivo all series of PoE network switches adapt intelligent PSE chips independently researched and developed by ourselves, supporting international PoE Protocol"IEEE802.3af/at/PoE++/BT", covering single and full power of single port at 0-100W with PoE. Having the characteristics of proprietary protocol HS-Auto and active detection function, hasivo intelligent PSE chip perfectly achieves power supply of 24V or 48V in one single port and saves device resources to a great extent. Especially, Our intelligent PSE chip has applied for a national invention patent.

We Always adhere to autonomous research and development, integrating global resources with high quality and cooperating with network correspondent chip manufacturers around the world with our full efforts and we hasivo has been in a leading position in the field in innovation of products, research and development of technology and control capacity on products performance. Currently, hasivo has over 100 employees, 10 reseachers, 15 product managers,10 sale stuffs included. By 2018, we have produced and sold about 400,000 switches, 3 million intelligent PSE chips and about 10,000 high-end solar clean energy switches.


1. What is PoE? 
PoE (Power Over Ethernet) refers to the existing Ethernet Cat.5 cabling infrastructure without any changes, for
some IP-based terminals (such as IP phones, wireless LAN access points AP, network cameras Etc.) While transmitting data signals, it can also provide DC powered technology for such devices. 
2. Are you manufacturer?
Yes, we are manufacturer. WE can provide
OEM/ODM customized service according to our customers’ various application and demands.
 3. What warranty for the products?
 We will provide 12 months warranty time, As for the mass order, we will provide certain proportion spare parts. 
4. Can we get the free samples? 
Generally we would not provide the free samples, but if the customer confirm the specification and price, they can pay
the samples firstly for testing, when they place the mass order, we can return the sample cost to customers.
 5. What is the delivery time? Generally, sample can be shipped in 1 to 3 working days after the payment. For mass order, the leading time will be 1-4 weeks depend on exact quantity.

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