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Product Overview


Metern Electromagnetic Flow Meter China



Product Description

Product Overview


MTLD series electromagnetic flow meter is produced according to JB/T9248-1999 standard. The operation of electromagnetic flow meter is based on Faraday's Law. It is used for measuring the volume flow of electrically conductive liquid in the pipeline, such as water, seawater, sewage, slurry, pulp, acid, alkali, salt liquid food slurry etc. MTLD series are widely applied in petro, chemical, thermoelectricity, mining and metallurgy, coal industry, food industry, sewage treatment and other industries. Our electromagnetic flow meter has two types: Integrated type electromagnetic flow meter and Split type electromagnetic flow meter.













   g Measuring without of the impact of liquid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity.


  g No moving and choke parts, no pressure loss and blocking in the measuring tube, be able to measure the        liquid containing the fiber, solid particles and suspended solids.


 g The instrument has the characteristics of sensitive reaction and wide measuring range. Electrically                     conductive liquid with flow rate 0.1~15m/s.


 g The instrument adopt low-frequency three state square wave excitation technology, advanced signal                  processing technology and software technology, Thus, it has characteristics of strong anti-jamming and            high precision characteristics.


 g Instrument is not affected by the fluid flow direction. Forward and reverse mounting can be measured. And       easy to install, low demand on straight pipe.


 g Electromagnetic flow meter electrode and liner material have the characteristics of corrosion resistance,           excellent wear resistance and long serving life. The submerged electromagnetic flow meter can be                     provided on request.


 g Good impact resistance, vibration resistance.


 g Gas and non-conductive liquid can not be measured.


Typical Applications


 g Petro and Chemical


 g  Thermoelectricity


 g Mining and Metallurgy


  g Coal industry


 g Sewage treatment


Electromagnetic flowmeter sewage or dirty water

Electromagnetic flowmeter sewage or dirty water



Accuracy±0.5% , ±0.1%
Medium temperature

-20~60℃ (ordinary rubber lining) 

-20~90℃ (high-temperature rubber lining)

-30~100℃ (PTFE lining)

-30~160℃ (high-temperature PTFE lining)

Rated working pressure






Flow measurement rangeFlow rate 0.1~15m/s, Measuring range:1:150
Signal output4-20mA
Power supply24VDC/220VAC
Straight pipe lenght


Upstream ≥5D;


Explosion-proofEX dllBT4, EX dllCT6
Ambient temperature-25~60℃
Relative humidity5%~95%



Electromagnetic flowmeter sewage or dirty water



Packaging & Shipping

untitled METERN Coriolis flowmeter, palm oil flow meter



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Company Information

Be founded in 1998.

Registered capital: USD 10 million 

Building area: 30000m2

Established R&D of Coriolis mass flow meter since 2005

Started production and sales of Coriolis mass flow meter since 2008

Products are exported to Italy, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia,  Malaysia, ect.


METERN Coriolis flowmeter, palm oil flow meter


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