Germany EU Stock LiFePO4 LF280K 3.2V 280K Batteries 280Ah Prismatic Cells with 10000 Cycle Life for PV/Home Energy Storage

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Item Name
280Ah LiFePO4 LF280K 3.2V Battery
Max Charge Voltage(V)
The charging ratio
1C (280A)
The discharge rate
1C (280A)
UN 38.3 / MSDS
Cycle Life
≥ 6500 Times DOD80% 1C
5.3 kg
H200*W173*T72 (mm)
Internal Resistant
≤0.25 mΩ
Bus bars and washers
End voltage(Cut off)
2.5 V
Discharge temperature
Suitable for
Engine starting battery, electric bicycle/motorcycle/scooter, golf trolley/carts, power tools... RV,caravan,Home
Appliances,Consumer Electronics, BOATS, Golf Carts, SUBMARINES, Solar and wind power Energy Storage Systems.

More Details of LiFePO4 cells
* Full Capacity: 105Ah, 156Ah, 228Ah, 280Ah, 302Ah, 304Ah, 310Ah or 320Ah @ 3.2V each.
* Grade A, Brand new (Grade A means the highest quality from automated production)
* Matched Internal Resistance
* Complete & verifiable QR Code on top of each cell
* Free service: Laser-welded studs
* Cell connectors (free bus bar & screws) are included in the delivery
* To be used in Home Energy Storage Systems with Solar power
* Production date: within 3 months
* The cells are immediately ready for use, are "balanced"

Returns Policy
If there is any damage that cannot be used, as it was caused during transportation, we can resend it to the customer.
If the battery received does not match the description, you can return it and we will refund it.
We have a after-sale maintenance service in Europe.

Specification of All of models Lifepo4 cells.

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Q:Which product is hot sale in your company?
A: LiFePO4 battery 230ah, 280ah, 302ah, 50ah; 12V,24V, 48V LiFePO4 battery pack and so on.

Q: Why is my UPS or Fedex shipping number not updated?
A: This is normal as in tariffed countries our packages must pass through your country's customs before they can be delivered to local UPS or FedEx. After going through the customs and updating the shipping number, usually, you can receive the goods in 3-5 days.
DIY reminder the battery needs to get the cells balanced with the same voltage before assembling. Later if this happens don't know how to assemble or unbalanced assembly is not accepted. Please consider before ordering, place an order means you have agreed. Thank you for your cooperation!

Q: Does your product come with a product warranty?
A: Yes. Our battery and charger all cover with warranty.
For LIFEPO4 battery: 5-10 years warranty. For charger: 12 months product warranty.

Q: What is Returns Policy ?
A: If it is damaged during transportation and cannot be used, we will refund it and do not need to return it, but we need to confirm whether it is our battery. Because each battery has a fixed label and QR code, we will take photos video and send a test video of each battery to the buyer before shipment.

Q: Do you have BMS ?
A: Yes, we have smart BMS with balance, please contact us.

Q: How do i know whether you've shipped my order or not?
A: Tracking No.will be offered as soon as your order be shipped out. Before that, our sales will be there to check the packing status, photo of the order and let you know the detail shipment information.

Q:Which shipping methods you usually take?
A: Train/Sea DDP, Express. We can also ship with your own shipping agent.

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