5L jacketed glass reactor with heating bath circulator (1600147121203)

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Product Overview


5L jacketed glass reactor with heating bath circulator

Product Description

Lab Double layer glass reactor 1L 2L L synthesis glass reactor is a chemical reaction vessel which be widely used in various laboratory experiment like pharmaceutical,biochemistry, cosmetics, university research etc fileds.

Jacketed glass reactor is often used by modern fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, scientific research experiments and other industries. In addition to stirring reaction, cyclic heating or cooling reaction, it can also do reflux and distillation of the reaction solution. 


 Mixing Speed Adjustable Jacketed Glass Reactor ,Double Wall Glass Reactor 



Customized 110V 60Hz Double layer Jacketed glass reactor ,chemical mixing glass reactor with agitator.

Product Feacutres

Indicate of small scale jacketed glass reactor

 Jacketed glass reactor

Double layer glass reactor 5L Jacketed Glass Reactor have many advantages:


1.Reaction temperature & stirring speed digital display;

2.Efficient vertical condenser;

3.PTFE component seal,no corrosive;

4.High accuracy electric temperature probe;

5.Convenient bottom discharge valve;

6.Distillation and reflux both can be realize;

7.Explosion-proof motors and controller is available.

Technical Data

 Below is main technical data of Kesheng Jacketed Glass Reactor:

Product name

Jacketed double layer glass reactor

Product model





Glass material

GG17 high Borosilicate Glass

Reaction flask capacity





Jacket volume





Cover necks number


Stirring power


Stirring speed

0-600 rpm

Stirring shaft diameter


Vacuum pressure


Discharge valve

PTFE discharging

Power supply

220V/50Hz or customized


Except 1L to 5L double layer glass reactor ,we also can provide big capacity 10L to 100L size jacketed glass reactor.

Product Details

 Product details of double wall glass reactor:

High quality A/C motor & Speed adjust ment and temp display controller


High quality A/C motor,smooth running,high torque,automatic booster,no spark,noise free,long service life.

This jacketed glass reactor adopt high quality inverter controller box, can realize stirring speed and reaction temperature digital display.


Quick opening cover,easy to cleaning


Total 4 +1 necks on reaction vessel cover, include liquid feeding port,Dropping funnel,condenser connection port, temperature proble tube.

The reaction vessel cover is fixed by flange,which convenient to clean and easy to cleaning.


Bottom PTFE discharge valve 



The bottom of the reactor,there are PTFE discharge valve which can drain out the material very conveniently.


High efficient vertical consender


Vertical condenser helps to recover some materials distillated during reaction. 


Stirring agitator & jacketed inlet outlet port



This jacketed glass reactor adopt high quality PTFE stirrer agitator.The shape of agitator can be , can be manufactured as anchor,leaf,cross,double layer etc different shape.


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 750 375

Packing & Delivery

Double layer glass reactor ,chemical jacketed glass reactor from factory

glass reactor package

Glass reactor will be packaged with wooden box designed for chemial lab instrument.



We have professional shipping forwarder can provide multiple delivery solution.

Delivery door to door by International express such as FedEx,DHL,UPS,TNT, etc;

Delivery to sea port or air port by sea or airplane.

Company Information

Shanghai Kesheng Instrument Co., Ltd. is a  manufacturer and supplier for Jacketed glass reactor, single layer glass reactor,Rotary evaporators,Stainless steel high pressure reactor,Hydrothermal synthesis reactor,Cooling chiller, Heating and cooling circulator device,Vacuum bump,Heating mantle, Magnetic stirring heating plate (pot)  etc. 

kesheng factory 

Kesheng instrument look forward to long-term cooperation with you, welcome inquiry and contact.



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