99% bactericide sales de amonio cuaternario BZK/BKC benzalkonium chloride powder CAS 8001 54 5 (1600147593012)

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We are also the provider of professional daily chemical anti-corrosion formulation technology solution .

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Product Description


Chemical Auxiliary Agent
CAS No.:
Colorless transparent liquid
Other Names:
Dyestuff Intermediates, Pharmaceutical Intermediates,
Packing :
Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.
Related categories:
 Ammonium Chlorides (Quaternary);Quaternary Ammonium Compounds;Bactericide and Algicide

1.Benzalkonium chloramine owns the broad spectrum, highly effect to be sterilization and algicide,specially for killing the
sulfate-reducing bacteria.
2.Soluble in water, easy to use, free from the influence of water hardness, and a strong sticky-mud exfoliation.
3.Low toxicity and no toxicity accumulation, unlike chlorine causes secondary pollution, as it contains residual chlorine if used
in water treatment.
4.In the system which can not control if use chlorine, Benzalkonium chloride can effectively control the growth of algal blooms
and slime.
5.Even under the different range of PH value, Benzalkonium chloride has strong biocide ability, as it can be used both in acidic
and alkaline conditions.
6. Owning dispersion and penetration effect, BKC can penetrate and remove slime and peel attached algae .It also has oil
degreasing and cleaning ability.

1. As nonoxidizing boicide, the preferred dosage is 50-100mg/L; as sludge remover, 200-300mg/L dosage is preferred,and it can add the appropriate amount of silicone antifoaming agent if needed for this purpose.
2. This product can be used together with other fungicidal ,such as isothiazolinones, glutaraldegyde, dithionitrile methane for synergism, but cannot be used together with chlorophenols. If sewage is appeared after thrown of this product in circulating cool
water, the sewage should be filtered or blown off in time to prevent their deposit in bottom of collecting tank after froth disappearance.
3. No blending with anion surfactant.

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High Purity 99% Benzalkonium Chloride Powder Package
All of our powder products are pakeged with Foil bag,carton and Cardboard drums, if you have other requirement for package,please contact us in advance,we can also packaged according to your request.

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