Ac spd 440V 40ka 1.5kv electrical surge protector 2 pole

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Product Overview


Part No.
230/400 V
Max.operating voltage UC
275 V AC
Temporary overvoltage withstand UT
440 V AC
Nominal discharge current In
20 KA
Maximum discharge current Imax
40 KA
Protection level (at In) CM/DM (2) Up
1.5 KV
Residual voltage at 5 KA
1.3 KV
Admissible short-circuit current
25 kA
Fuses type gG
125 Amax
Operating temperature
-40/+85 °C
Protection class
IP 20
WS-SL surge protector is suitable for TT, IT, TS-S, TN-C, TN-C-S and other power supply systems with AC 50 / 60HZ, 380V and below, and protects the grid from surge surge voltage after lightning strike
1. The protector is installed with standard 35mm track. 2. The protector is connected by 2.5 ~ 35mm copper wire. 3. No need to adjust after the protector is installed as required. 4. The protector module is provided with a failure disengagement device. When the protector fails due to overheating, the failure disengagement device can automatically disengage it from the power grid and give an indication signal. 5. During operation, regularly check whether the module is red. Colleagues observe whether the fuse indicates that the red light is on, and replace the failed component in time.

Normal working condition of protector
1. The altitude does not exceed 20000m. 2. Ambient air temperature: normal range: -5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, extended range: -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃. 3. Relative humidity of air: 30% ~ 90% under indoor temperature. 4. The inclination of the vertical plane does not exceed 5 °. 5. No significant shaking and shock vibration. 6. In the medium without explosion hazard, and there is no enough gas and dust (including conductive dust) to corrode the metal and destroy the insulation in the medium.
Our Advantages
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Q1: Selection of surge protector Al: The level of surge protector (commonly known as lightning protection) is evaluated based on the IEC61024 subdivision lightning protection theory installed at the junction of the partition. The technical requirements and functions are different. The first level lightning protection device is installed between zones 0-1, and the flow requirements are very high. The minimum requirement of GB50057 is 12.5 ka (10/350), and the second and third levels are installed between 1-2 and. 2-3 areas, mainly to suppress overvoltage. Q2: Are you a lightning protector factory or a lightning protector from a trading company? A2: We are a manufacturer of lightning surge protectors. Q3: Warranty and return? A3: 1. Lightning surge protector products and accessories have been tested 3 times before leaving the factory. 2. We have the best after-sales service team. If there is any problem, our team will do our best to solve it for you. Q4: How to get some samples of surge protector? Answer: We are honored to provide you with samples of lightning protection devices. Please contact our staff and leave detailed contact information. We guarantee to keep your information confidential. Q5: Can samples be obtained for free? A5: Samples are available, but the sample cost should be paid by you. Sample fees will be refunded after further ordering. Q6: Do you accept customized orders? A6: Yes. Q7: When is the entrusted time? A7: It usually takes 7-15 days to confirm payment after LY, but the specific time should be based on the order quantity
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