Fully Automatic JISK7105 material transmittance and haze degree haze laboratory measuring instrument haze meter

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 SKZ120 1_01


Fully Automatic JISK7105 material transmittance and haze degree haze laboratory measuring instrument haze meter



Haze meter is applicable in all transparent and semitransparent parallel level material for testing transmittance and haze degree.



Applied to determine the transmittance, haze, reflectivity of transparent, translucent parallel flat objects ( Plastic plates, sheets, plastic film, glass), and also can determine the turbidity of some liquid (Water, beverage, pharmaceutical, coloring liquid, grease) 



ASTM D1003-61 and JISK7105.



1. Receive mode: parallel illumination hemisphere scattering, photoelectric integrating sphere.

2. Touch-screen operation, with a USB interface, data storage (800 groups) and U disk storage function.

3. Equipped with specialized software, computer-controlled operation (optional)

4. Displayed directly to: Transmittance 0.01%, 0.01% haze.

5. Using the modulator, the instrument no longer subject to the influence of ambient light, do not use the darkroom, to ensure the accuracy of the large sample measurement.

6. With film magnetic clamps, liquid sample cup, giving users great convenience.


Technical parameters:

Transmittance accuracy

≤ 1%

Haze Accuracy

Haze ≤ 0.5%, ≤ ± 0.1%

Haze> 0.5%, ≤ ± 0.3%

Light Repeatability


Haze Repeatability

Haze ≤ 0.5%, 0.05%

Haze> 0.5%, 0.1%

Optical system

Collimated illumination, diffuse vision, integrating sphere receiving mode

Sample window size: into windows: Æ25mm, out the window: Æ21mm

Light source: C light (6774K), A light (2856K)

Receiver: silicon photovoltaic cells

Electronic Systems

Large LCD touch screen

Minimum reading: transmittance haze 0.01% 0.01%

USB interface, U disk storage function

Measuring range

Transmittance 0% -100.0%

Haze 0% -30.00%

Sample size

Solid Sample size: 50mm * 50mm

Tank size: 50mm * 50mm * 10mm

Film Sample size: 50mm * 50mm

Checkout Sample

Æ40mm * 2mm

Working conditions

5  ~ 35


220V ± 22V 50Hz ± 1 Hz or 60HZ


740mm * 270mm * 300mm











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