digital water meter/NB Wireless sensor non magnetic pulse meter Smart water meter (1600150318114)

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Product Overview


product presentation
Non-magnetic pulse water meter is a non-magnetic long-distance water meter with no permanent magnet and other magnetic components inside, which is less affected by internal and external magnetic force. It can measure the speed and judge the rotation direction by using the principle of LC oscillation, detect the distance and measure accurately.
Non-magnetic water meter is mainly composed of base meter, non-magnetic sensor, remote control module, battery and other accessories. It adopts electromechanical separation structure, and the sampling unit can be as small as the water meter with liter accuracy.

product appearance:

technical parameter

Measuring range( Q3/Q1 )
160 or 100
Mechanical minimum reading
0.0001 m³
Mechanical maximum reading
99999 m³
unit of measurement
1 m³
operating temperature
Cold water meter: 0.1 ℃~ 30 ℃
water pressure
0.03MPa ~ 1 MPa
Loss of pressure level
△ p63
Sensitivity level of flow profile
Climate and mechanical environment safety rating
Class B
Electromagnetic compatibility level
Protection grade
No magnetic reflection pointer
The non-magnetic reflection pointer is synchronized with the 0.0001 pointer
The meter body seal
Body anti - tear seal hole
dust cover
The body has a dust cover
Electronic part minimum reading
1 L

Non-magnetic remote transmission module can be in need of remote transmission, later installation, set the water meter base number (mechanical table has run water, to set the number of electrons in the module, so that mechanical reading and electronic reading is consistent) and can be used when enabled.

Measurement introduction:
No magnetic pulse: pulse type remote meter measuring water flow in pipes, water meter in the microcomputer automatic storage of water use, when the timing to send data to the time or have the meter signal detected, through wireless spectrum data are sent using spectrum is the WuWei will be issued special meter frequencies, there would be no
interference, instead of manual meter reading, and more convenient, more efficient and meter high success rate.

product superiority:
1、With self-maintaining function, the self-maintaining function can ensure that the special magnetic needle can only send out a pulse signal every 360 degrees of rotation. With the self-resolving function of magnetic interference of the remote water meter,it can effectively overcome the weakness of the critical point such as water hammer phenomenon, and has the function of preventing external magnetic interference.
2、High accuracy: the measurement accuracy is in accordance with ISO4046 standard, and there is no error in the transmitted signal.
3、High versatility: applicable to all national standard water meters, can fully adapt to the technical requirements of different meter reading system, far water meter output pulse width is greater than 80ms.
4、Strong anti-interference ability: stainless steel shell, with stainless steel hose protection, to prevent human damage. The magnetic interference self-solution function enables the remote water meter to work normally in the case of artificial strong magnetic interference, and the magnetic needle life can reach more than 6 years.
5、Without damaging the structure and performance of ordinary water meter, the whole remote water meter can reach the performance index of ordinary water meter.
6、Signal transmission mode: passive switch on and off, with short line alarm function, according to customer needs, can use two or three wire system and remote water meter outdoor display device combination reading more convenient.
7、Long service life. The whole remote expressed to the ordinary meter life, the remote part can be used for ten years.

Communication introduction
The main chip of NB-IOT communication module adopts the high-performance embedded ARM cortex-m3 32-bit RISC controller, which
ensures the stability of the device with multilevel software detection and multiple hardware protection mechanisms.It is composed
of the powerful ARM cortex-m3 32-bit RISC microcontroller and NB-IOT wireless spread spectrum chip .

Product features are as follows:
(1) nb-iot module adopts LGA package, small in size, compact in structure and easy for embedded product application;
(2)wide voltage supply design, suitable for more applications;
(3) integrated TCP/UDP and other data transmission protocols and embedded rich network service protocols, easy to design and
upgrade products;
(4)passed the high and low temperature test, in line with the industrial environment;
(5)provide upper computer software to realize on-site test equipment and compatibility with existing equipment;
(6) deep coverage: 100 times more coverage than GSM;
(7) mass connection: each community can provide 50,000-100,000 connections;
Low power consumption: the useful life of terminal battery is over 6 years;

After the communication module is superimposed, if combined with the integrated energy
control platform software independently developed by the company,It can realize:
* Unmanned, reduced manpower.
●automatic data logging.
●Industrial-grade communication equipment ensures the safety and reliability of meter reading.
●Complete system log traceability is available.
●Visual graphics, data statistics.
●Meter status alarm;When low-power and low-volume magnetic attack sampling fault leakage alarm (external leakage alarm) occurs,
real-time alarm information is uploaded to the background application platform.
●Control the gasmeter valve switch through background application software (desktop WEB and mobile APP).
●When the meteris removed or attacked by external forces, the information will be transmitted to the background application
platform in real time
●The stability of data transmission can be monitored.


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