Nasopharyngeal sterile nylon flocked nasal swab, vtm kit with flocked nylon swab stick

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Product Description

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Nasopharyngeal sterile nylon flocked nasal swab, vtm kit with flocked nylon swab stick
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DNA Sample Collection

Product performance description
Cleanmo’s CM-FS913 Flocked Swabs have no internal mattress core to disperse and entrap the precious sample like traditional fiber
wound swabs, In stark contrast, the entire sample stays close to the surface for fast and complete elution.

Perpendicular Nylon Fibers act like a soft brush and allow improved collection of cell samples. Capillary action between the Nylon
fiber strands facilitates strong hydraulic uptake of liquid samples. Sample
stays close to the surface allowing easier elution.

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* Ergonomic and Anatomic Design

For improved patient comfort and efficiency in specimen collection

* Rapid Automatic Elution

Instant and spontaneous release into liquid media
* Improved Sample Collection

Velvet brush-like texture rapidly and efficiently dislodges cells and collects liquid by capillarity
* Quantitative Volume Transfer

Measurable and consistent uptake and transfer from patient to test tube

Product Usage

Entire Sample Released

The entire sample is instantaneously and automatically released the moment the Flocked
Swab is mixed with assays reagents or placed in a buffer solution or transport medium.

Flocked Swab will effectively release or elute to the Amies Liquid Culture Medium at least
90% on the Collected Specimen.

Sample Collection using Flocked Swabs Technology

Better diagnostics begin with better samples, and better samples are obtained by using proper sample collection methods.
Cleanmo Flocked Swabs are used in a wide variety of applications. A common use of Flocked Swabs is for nasopharyngeal sample collection.

Step 1:
Liquid secretions are rapidly absorbed between the perpendicular fibers by capillary action.
Step 2:
Rotate the swab two to three times and hold the swab in place for 5 seconds to ensure maximum absorbency.
Strong capillary hydraulics between the strands of Nylon maximizes liquid sample collection.
Step 3:
Put the swab in the transport medium and break the shaft at the painted breakpoint.
Sample elutes automatically and rapidly because it is held very close to the surface in a totally open structure.
This does not hinder the flow dynamics, so the entire sample is released.

How Flocked Swabs Work?
Scientific studies show that Cleanmo Flocked Swabs significantly improve quantity of sample collected and sample released into various
culture and assay systems improving the quality of diagnostics. In addition to driving the proficiency of the analytic collection, Cleanmo
Flocked Swab multiple engineered designs and custom swab fabrication program maximize patient comfort.

Better Sample Collection
Liquid secretions are rapidly absorbed between the perpendicular fibers by capillary action. Cellular material is collected very easily and efficiently because the velvet brush-like texture of the Flocked Swab is more effective at dislodging and removing cells.By Capillary Action all Specimen Collection are effectively attach to the Surface the Nylon Fibers.

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Company Introduction

Cleanmo is a scientific and industrial enterprise integrating R & D, production and trade with years of experience.
The Cleanmo brand has a certain influence at home and abroad, focusing on manufacturing medical swabs, ESD swabs, cleaning
swabs,flocked swabs, cleanroom wipes, cleaning kits, cleaning cards,etc.
Swabs Products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries, and establish a good trade
relations with other countries agents.Cleanmo regards honesty as the foundation and treats customers sincerely when providing
services. We solve their problems in time
and provide one-stop and thoughtful services.


Q:Are you manufacturer or trading company ?
A:We are a manufacturer and engaged in manufacturing cleanroom swabs/wipes,cleaning cards/kits,medical swab/applicator.

Q: Do you have MOQ ?
A: We don’t set strict MOQ for Swabs, Wipes,Cleaning Cards,but Sticky Mats and Sticky Roller or other Cleanroom Consumables do. The more you buy, the more economic have, it would especially be illustrated in the delievery cost.

Q: What’s your delivery time ?
A: The delievery time is depends on the quantity, generally 3-7 worrking days after payment received.

Q: What’s your payment term ?
A:Normally we accept the payment by T/T in advance, but if the total is under 300$, we could accept Paypal or Western union in advance.

Q: What’s your shipping term ?
A: Normally,our shipping term is EXW,FOB,CIF, DDP,DDU,depend on customer’s requirement.

Q:What’s your shipping method ?
A:We can ship by Express,by air or by sea as you like .

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