Factory Disposable Bedding Single Set of 3 Suitable for Travel Business Hotel use Bed Linen Pillowcase Quilt Cover

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Product Description

Disposable towels, pillow towels, bath towels, bed sheets, sleeping bags, 
single and double bedding suit

*Fabric Type
SMS Non-woven
Convenient portable
Single bedding suit/Double man suit

1. Use as soon as possible after opening.do not use with electric blanket
2. Place in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight

Company Introduction

Huainan Qingya Clothing Co., Ltd. is located in Shouxian County, Huainan, a famous historical and cultural city. It covers an area of more than 6000 square meters and has a total investment of more than 2 million yuan. Mr. Gao Kuang, general manager of the company, has been engaged in the clothing industry for more than 30 years. After the establishment of the company, we set up a perfect e-commerce sales system. It has become a new innovative OEM enterprise with internet thinking, which is different from traditional factories in China. The company's business covers the national online and offline markets. The company's products are sold on well-known domestic e-commerce platforms: Taobao, Tmall, JD, Alibaba and Pinduoduo. And has more than 4000 deep cooperation distribution agents.

In 2019, Qingya Clothing Co., Ltd. reached strategic cooperation with the famous domestic brand "NanJiren" and signed an annual deep cooperation agreement. Become the designated supplier of outdoor clothing category system of "NanJiren".
At the beginning of 2020, affected by the "COVID-19 " in China, the offline market performance of the domestic garment industry will plummet, but the online market will perform well. On the contrary, the company's performance increased by nearly 20% last year. After that, the epidemic broke out abroad. The company quickly established a cross-border e-commerce sales system. In addition, it has successfully set up factory direct stores in several cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Ali international station.
In September 2020, Qingya clothing reached strategic cooperation with another well-known domestic brand "Beijirong". In October of the same year, he started cooperation with CCTV-7 national defense and military channel program group of China Central Television. And become CCTV exhibition enterprises.

As one of the few online and offline garment OEM enterprises in China, Qingya clothing manufacturing has more than 180 employees and a factory building area of more than 6000 square meters. It has a daily production capacity of 60000-80000 sets of underwear and more than 10000 raincoats. The product model adopts CAD computer plate making to improve the fabric, reflecting the comfort, health and safety of clothing. Qingya clothing company will meet the requirements of domestic and foreign customers for product quality as the starting point, take exquisite technology as the foundation, take one-off underwear OEM as the core, other clothing production as the main body, and win-win cooperation as the bridge, so as to continuously improve the product quality and drive the overall development to large enterprises. To serve more families, to create better economic and social benefits, and to promote more labor employment and entrepreneurship. We sincerely invite friends from all walks of life to visit us for guidance, visit and business negotiation.

Our Services & Strength

1. Direct sales is the company's rapid integration of supply chain, product development and industry layout by drawing on the business model of the consulting company and FMCG and adopting the business model of the business department to quickly carry out project fission and expansion. Take advantage of the company's strong operating capabilities and financial strength to gradually acquire and transform Hefei's local e-commerce companies that do not operate well. ----We are committed to becoming a well-known local small and medium-sized e-commerce operation integration expert.
2. Distribution, through large-scale expansion, freely open source the company's office space, warehousing, products, supply chain and operation methods, recruit entrepreneurial teams and independent distributors with certain funds inside or outside the company, and professionalize them Entrepreneurial counseling and store operations to achieve low-cost and low-risk entrepreneurship. In our startup space, we are the only startup incubation space in Hefei where all startup distribution teams are 100% profitable, and the only truly free e-commerce startup incubator --- we are committed to being the best and most reliable in Hefei Business incubation platform.


Q: What’s the sample cost?
A: Samples will be free ,but express costs will be collected or pay in advance.

Q: How can I get a tracking number of my order that has been shipped?
A: Once we ship out the product , we will send you the tracking number to you .

Q: How about the delivery date?
A: After your payment in 7-10 days you can get your product.

Q:Can I get a discount when my order qty is much larger than your MOQ ?
A:Of course ,larger qty than MOQ should deserves a better price .

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