Самый популярный небольшой арахисовый очиститель 500 кг в час, мини машина

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Product Overview


Most popular 500kg per hour small peanut sheller mini machine

Product Description

Structure:Peanut shelling machine is composed of frame, fan, rotor,single-phase motor, Screen (two large and small), hopper,vibrating screen,V-belt and driving V-belt.

Working principle:After the peanut sheller operates normally, peanuts are put into the hopper quantitatively, evenly and continuously, and the peanut shells are broken under the repeated blow, friction and collision of the rotor. Peanut kernels and broken peanut shells pass through a screen with a certain aperture under the rotating wind pressure and impact of the rotor (a large-hole screen is used for the second threshing of peanuts,and the small skins after cleaning are replaced with a small-hole
screen for the second time. Shelling).At this time, the peanut shells and grains are blown by the rotating fan, and the light-weight peanut shells are blown out of the body, and the peanut grains are screened by a vibrating screen to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Our Advantages

1. Peanut Sheller Rotary Roller adopts the principle of wood roller rotating dry peeling and electric sieve classification selection.
2. The shell peeler adopts high-quality imported timber, the seed damage rate is extremely low, and the shell adopts iron powder spraying technology which is beautiful and durable.
3. New copper wire motor, longer life.
4. With a specially designed special blower, the wind degree is moderate and the wind power is evenly distributed, which can effectively separate the seed and the shell and optimize the seed recovery rate. 5.The sheller configuration high-quality universal wheel, using a unique side-mounted design, easy to move.
6, Compact, efficient and convenient,peeling rate is up to 98%.


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Company Profile

Zhengzhou Maosu Machinery Equipment Co,Ltd has been the professional manufacturer advanced and high efficient all kinds of nuts processing machine and whole production line etc agriculture machinery more than 20 years already.We have a factory ourselves which size is more than 10000 square meters.There are more than 40 workers, including 10 high-skilled technicians,10 experienced engineers working for us.

Quality comes first,Customers come first is our basic policy,create greatest value for Clients is our base of long-term cooperation with clients.After many years' development,our machines have large domestic and overseas markets.

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