Saving Electricity Timber Drying Equipment Wood Drying Machine Heat Pump Dryer For Yellow Pear Wood

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Low Electric Timber Drying Equipment Wood Drying Machine
Heat Pump Dryer For Yellow Pear Wood

Heat Pump Fruit Dryer Introduction:
The heat pump dryer is finned evaporator(outside machine), compressor, fin condenser (inside machine) and expansion valve of four parts, by making the working medium continuously complete evaporation (absorb heat from the outdoor environment) to compression,condensation (gives off heat drying room) indoors to throttle, thermodynamic cycle process of evaporation, again to the external environment at low temperature in the heat transfer to the drying room, under the action of refrigerant in the compressor
circulating in the system.It made within the compressor gas booster heating process (temperature up to 100℃), it enters the release of the high-temperature heat drying room air, while being cooled and translated into flow liquid when it runs to the outside machine, rapid heat evaporating liquid into a gas again, at the same time, the temperature can fall to - 20 ℃~-30 ℃, then the air surrounding the heat absorber will continue to transfer heat to the refrigerant.


Main Features

1.Heat pump dryer running cost just as 40% of oil dryer, 50% of coal burning boiler, 30% of electric boiler.Heat pump dehumidification drying method of the closed cycle, saving costs; no exhaust waste heat emissions, no noise pollution,environmental protection;
2.Using our patented technology: circulating heating & dehumidification, broaden the application of a dehumidifier in industrial drying, drying performance better than ordinary heat pump dehumidification drying energy saving over 30%;
3.Median and low temperature drying method(15-50°C/60°C/80°C),similar nature drying.
4.Drying process material no deformation, no cracking, no-discoloration,no deterioration, and no oxidation, thorough drying, after drying and rehydration, less loss of nutrients, the long storage period, more than any conventional drying equipment to more effectively protect the color of the dried material, smell, taste, individual form and active ingredients;
5.Adopt closed type circulating heating or cooling drying,suitable for inflammable and explosive materials, poisonous material,Pungent odor of materials,easily oxidized material etc;
6.Installation and operation easily,just need connecting with drying chamber by wind pipe.

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High Quality Fans

Can be Sealed Door
Electric Box

Movable Trolley & Trays

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