TOPSAIL semi automatic pneumatic small bottle liquid oil filling machine and lotion oil filler (1600155654619)

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This machine is widely used gel product or heavy cream like hand sanitizer, hand washing, shampoo, cosmetic cream and so on. We offer a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. It is suitable for the liquid filling, New horizontal design, lightweight convenience, easy to operate.
Work principle:
1. Through the movement of the cylinder of forward and backward to make the piston which is located in the cylinder do reciprocating movement, so as to engender the negative pressure in the preceding chest of the cylinder.
.2. The piston is pulled backward when the cylinder make forward movement, the material cylinder occurred negative pressure, the materials in the barrel are pressed into the feeding pipe by pressure and go into the material pipe through unidirectional valve of feeding and discharging materials.
3. The piston is driven forward when the cylinder make backward movement, the materials are pressed and go into discharging pipe through unidirectional valve of discharging materials, enventually filled into the empty bottle which need to be filled, then one time filling finished.
4. It is a single and simple action to each time of filling for the piston filling machine, so it has very high filling precision and stability to every regular container.

1. The precision of filling can be ±1%.
2. Easily adjusting the filling quantity.
3. It's easy to operate and maintain.
4. Setting the manual gear and automatic gear.
5. With stainless steel, accords to the GMP standard.
6. It can be made into two heads for high production.
7. Only compressed air needed. It is safe to run the machine without electricity.
8. This machine can be installed with a sucking tube or a hopper.

Material Sources Of Parts:
80% of the main parts of our products are provided by world’s famous suppliers. During long-term cooperation and exchange with them, we have accumulated much valuable experience, so that we can provide customers with high quality products and more effective guarantee.

Product name
 Topsail Semi-auto Filling Machine
Filling Accuracy
Filling volume
Air pressure
Filling speed
20-60 bottles per minute
Part contact with material is SUS 316L,other part SUS304
Filling material
Water, honey, yogurt, liquid coffee, ink, liquid eye shadow, syrup Tea, fruit juice, shower gel, liquid soap, milk, gear oil, cream, glue, shampoo, chemicals, food paint, hand sanitizer, food oil



Our Advantages

Topsail is a comprehensive enterprise integrating of production, sales, trade, after sales and others, which mainly involves in the scopes of comestics, pharmacy, food, chemical and other industries, the founder team has profound background in the technology field and work experience in the large foreign enterprises of the Unites States and Europe.
Our team has rich industrial experience since 1998, Topsail Automation adheres to the detailed system of enterprise production and operating management by the excelsior “spirit of the craftsman”, on the base of standardization and specification, take the core of guaranteeing mechanism by innovation, guarantees the enterprise culture, let the craftsman spirit fully fills all the members, realize the fusion of excelsior traditional spirit and modern industry.

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Packing & Delivery

Package: packaged with plywood case, wooden packing which is strong and safety for long delivery.
Delivery: 30-45 days after receiving payment, different options for transportation.

Packaged with plywood case, wood has a good cushioning performance, corrosion resistance, high strength and good moisture absorption properties, wooden box can be suitable for various sizes of items, with moisture and fresh and anti-seismic effect, suitable for long-distance transportation.

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