99.7% food grade succinic acid for producing medicines, spices, dyes and lacquers CAS 110 15 6 (1600157316412)

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Nature and purpose

Colorless monocline or prismatic crystal or white powder, oxidized oxalic acid odorless, synthetic oxalic acid taste.150 ~ 160 ℃ sublimation.It can be weathered in hot, dry air.1g is soluble in 7ml water, 2ml boiling water, 2.5ml ethanol, 1.8ml boiling ethanol, 100ml ether, 5.5ml glycerin, insoluble in benzene, chloroform and petroleum ether.A pH of 0.1mol/L solution is 1.3.Relative density (d18.54)1.653.Melting point of 101 ~ 102 ℃, 187 ℃, no water).

Quality indicator


C4H6O4 content (%)






Heavy metals (by Pb)(%)




readily oxidizable substance (%)


Company profile

Company profile


Established in 1987, We are the factory specialized in the production of chromium salts, cobalt salts, nickle salts, copper salts, passivation solutions and other related electroplating chemical materials.

 besides as a mordant and corrosion inhibitor for electroplating process, our chemicals are used in oil cementing, as well as producing catalysts, foam stabilizer and drier for glass and ceramic industry, printing and dyeing fabrics .  

          High investment guide, advanced production equipment, and high salary to hire technicians, strict quality control, cluster technology co., ltd. in Shanghai normal university of China physics and chemical application technology research, regular testing, stable and reliable product quality.

          Our factory is based on good faith, mutual benefit and common development. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with both old and new customers.







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Eight big advantage


Pay attention to

Matters needing attention

 Hazard: eyes, respiratory and skin stimulating.After inhaling cause cough, shortness of breath.Oral cause abdominal pain, vomiting, etc.


 first aid measures

Skin contact:   remove contaminated clothing and water with soap and water to thoroughly flushed the skin.
Eye contact:   mention eyelid, irrigate with flowing water or normal saline.Go to a doctor.
Inhalation:   quickly from the scene to fresh air.Keep respiratory tract unobstructed.Such as difficulty in breathing, give oxygen.If breathing stops, artificial respiration immediately.Go to a doctor.

Eating:   drink enough water, vomiting.Go to a doctor.
Fire extinguishing methods:   firefighters must wear filter type gas mask (full-face) or isolation respirator, worn a fire protective clothing, in the upper hand in the fire.Don't shoot water straight into the melt, lest cause serious flow caused by fire or violent boiling splash.Agent: fog water and sand.

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