No Eye Brow Lamination Natural Eye Brow Growth Makeup Eyelash Growth Enhancer & Brow Conditioner Serum (1600157716057)

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Product Overview


Welcome to Balala Cosmetic, you will have a pleasant business experience with us.
Here we present our new arrival:OMY LADY® Eyebrow Enhancer
100% Natral Eyebrow Enhancer

Make eyebrow longer, thicker and darker!

Thin and weak
Thick and dark, more charming
Lose hair of eyebrow, become withered
The hair of eyebrow grow thick.

Natural growth
To grasp the secrets of nature and control it in your own hands.
Replenish nutrition
Contains plenty of plant essence, which can be absorbed completely by cells of eyebrow skin.
Weak-up hair follicle
Activated the Sleep-state cells of hair follicle, make them into growth mode.
Hair second growth
Cells begin to reproduce and growth.
Recover confidence
Adjust the nutrition and make eyebrow growth.
Main Ingredients:
Walnut oil
Walnut oil contains rich microelements, such as CA,Zn,P,K,etc,which can Promote hair growth
Licorice Extract
Licorice have effect of diminish inflammation,Anti allergy, detoxinfication,etc.
Pesudo-Ginseng Extract
Pseudo-ginseng have good effect of eliminating hemostasis.
Horse Chestnust Extract
Promote microcirculation, maintain the normal metabolism of cells, so as to promote pore convergence, cleanliness,
nourishment, and make the skin delicate and flawless.
Gently Closed Cuticle       Lock Nutrients    Repair Dammage 
After using 1-period Weakening hair follicle
After using 2-period the eyebrow began to grow
After using 3-period Nourishing hair follicle root, and the eyebrow become thinck and black
---------- Bring the beauty of China to the world---------

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