VACUUM UV Exposure Unit Machine, UV Light Box for Hot Foil, Pad Printing Glass Etching 20" X 16"

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Product Overview



EN-BG330MINI Exposure Unit machine high quality screen printing exposure unit LED exposure machine for steel plate






Product Summary:


Our Precise Vacuum UV Exposure Unit is equipped with special UV lamps and auxiliary vacuum suction device. After putting the screens and well printed transparency film on the glass, close its cover and let it work after set the needed vacuum and exposure time, then it will make the screens and transparency film close on the glass tightly by evacuating the air of the vacuum chamber emerging from the rubber blanket. When the set time is up, it will deflate automatically, then the exposure is finished. Please cut off the power supply.

It has the same exposure effect with the exposure unit exposed of iodine gallium light. Even if its exposing time is a little longer, but because of its small volume, light weight, low cost and easy transporation, which is much fit for small business and family workshop for making screens with high precision.



Product introduction:


Product name Exposure machine
Mode :  EN-BG330MINI
Machine Size 700*700*200 mm
Power:  10V,220V/50Hz, 400W
Light source: UV light
Lamp power*amount:  15W*8pcs
 Max.frame size :  400*500mm
 Gross Weight 35KG



Set the exposure time:

1) Press “EXPOSURE”, the left indicator light(red) is lit up;

2) Press “ + ” or “ – ” in the “TIME CONTROL” area to set the exposure time according to your needs. (Exposure time varies according to the coated photosensitive emulsion. Please just set 300 seconds for test and then reset a suitable time according to the exposure effect.)

5. Once finished the above settings, you could start exposure just as follows:

1) Put the screens coated with photosensitive emulsion and the printed transparency film on the glass.

2) Put the air suction pipe in to the screen;

3) Close the cover and click the “START” button, then it will vacuum pump and expose automatically according to the settings;

4) When the set time is up, it will deflate automatically; Open the cover and exposure is finished. Please just cut off the power supply.

6. Functions of other keys:

1) “RESET” for cancelling the previous settings: if you want to reset the vacuum / exposure time, just press “VACUUM” / “EXPOSURE” and the left indicator light is lit up; Then press “RESET” and the original settings will turn to “ 0 ”; Next, you could set according to your needs.

2) “BACK” for stop working: if you want to stop vacuum pumping or exposure, just press the “BACK” button,


Key Feature:

This series of exposing unit is capable of exposing steel plates and nyion plates and silk screen.Here are some characteristics:
1)Excellent outlook with strong and light machine body.Users’ eyes and skin are protected by the closed metal case in preventing leakage of UV llght.
2)Once pumped to vacuum, the whole process of exposing can be finished automatically. Easy to use and able to increase productivity at the same time.

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