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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Name
nurse call system
Operating ambient temperature
Extension networking mode
TWO-BUS (two-bus system)
Extension power supply mode
Centralized power supply DC36-48V
Maximum power consumption of the host
Maximum power consumption of display screen
Wireless frequency band
Host communication protocol

  • System characteristics

The advanced two-wire networking technology
Using PLC communication technology, TWO-BUS (two-bus system) network, that is, the power line, the data signal line and the voice signal line of the system share a two-core line, which reduces the complexity of installation and maintenance, and ensures the stable operation of the system.
Intelligent call with high coverage
Each ward door, bedside and bathroom can be called directly, with the function
of dressing change, reinforcements, nurse positioning, call transfer, reduce the nurses in place time, which ensures zero missing call.

Details Images

Easily recognizable color keystroke scheme
Yellow call button, serialized RGB button color allows patients to quickly master the use of the method, at a glance.

Advanced information interaction platform
It can connect with HIS system and automatically publish the patient's hospitalization information and nursing information to each nursing communication terminal. It sets up a superior hardware platform for the patient's diagnosis and treatment and the choice of nursing plan.
Practical application of wireless nursing communication
Extensible infusion alarm device, nurse handheld machine, nurse watch machine,wireless communication, no wiring, enriched the practical application of hospital clinical nursing process.

Product Usage

    • Product usage introduction

With high practicability and user friendliness, it provides a close interface to its usage habits, simple operation process and detailed online help for doctors, nurses and patients.
It supports 7 days/24 hours continuous operation, supports fast processing of a large number of real-time services, supports management of complex relational database tables, and fully object-oriented programming ensures high efficiency of programming.


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Company Introduction

Established in 1998, YARWARD ELECTRONICS CO., LTD always focus on Healthcare and medical interactive application solutions. Now we are mainly provider of domestic healthcare communication systems. Five product series includes the Smart ward, Smart clinic, Smart senior care, mobile healthcare, and Nurse Communication systems now are offering to China more than seven thousand hospitals and more than three million patient beds. We have four Research and Development bases in ZIBO, BEIJING, QINGDAO, SHANZHEN, among all the ZIBO head quarter is twenty thousand square meters.YARWARD have more than four hundreds employees and about 30 % in them are our professional R & D staffs who will back of your customized demand.We are national high technology enterprise and national double-soft enterprise, software engineering center. Now we own sixty-five software copyrights and more than one hundred and sixty patents in which there are twenty-six invention patents. Self-building top performance laboratory, Core technology engineering SMT product line and automatic robot production line^ all these make the Lean Production Mode throughout whole production process. Regarding quality management, we get the ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO 27001, ISO 2000 certificates, CQC China quality management certificate and TUV C B &C E certificates.YARWARD, We believe well cooperation based on trust and same value. Our aim is to offer products and service beyond your expectation,keep innovating to beyond your expectation, keep exploring for the intelligent future.

Our Services & Strength
Areas of expertise
The company continues to refine various nursing communication monitoring and management solutions, and is committed to providing accurate and reliable doctor-patient communication technical support for professional medical institutions with different levels of needs, so as to improve the work efficiency of medical staff, support the safety of medical space, and strengthen The communication path between doctors and patients, through the information management of the ward.
Market size
With deep industry experience, strong and reliable market demand meeting capabilities and abundant production capacity, the company has built service partners for nearly 3.3 million medical and nursing bed terminals and nearly 1,000 hospitals across the country, and continues to provide professional application equipment and overall solutions in the medical and nursing communication field. R&D and construction, production supporting, sales consulting and implementation maintenance services.
Win-win cooperation
Yahua Electronics operates service organizations in major cities across the country to provide immediate support to customers, and has long-term strategic cooperation with many well-known technical solutions, material suppliers, and integrated service providers upstream and downstream of the industry chain. Share valuable medical and nursing management experience with more than 6000 hospitals and nursing institutions.
Team system
The company team is experienced and upholds vitality. It has technical engineering laboratories and R&D centers in Beijing, Qingdao and Shenzhen, and a provincial professional software engineering technology center, construction engineering dispatch center, customer management center, quality control monitoring laboratory and production base in Zibo. In 2017, the construction of the 20,000 square meter research and production integrated management center was completed. In 2019, in conjunction with Shandong Institute of Information and Communications Technology, an electronic communications laboratory that complies with CNAS standards was built to build a more solid foundation for product development and quality assurance.


What are the components of the Nurse Call Cord System?
1. Host usually install in the nurse working place.
2. Secondary host install in the doctor office or duty room.
3. Corridor display install in the corridor.
4. Bed extension, bathroom extension & door lamp install in the ward.

How does the system work?
1. After patient have any requirements, patient can call nurse by bed extension, all the need to do is press the button sitting on their head of bed.
2. When the patient presses the call button, the nurse will receive the call from nurse station by host, and make two-way call and talkback with patient. when patient presses the call ,the corridor display also will show calling information on the display, so that it can ensure the nurse can reply the calling information as soon as possible.

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