Brand new private label 8 essential oil Multi effect nourishing oil customised hair care products with high quality

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Product Overview


8 essential oils Multi-effect nourishing oil
Contains 8 kinds of essential oils, nourishing and moisturizing Argan oil, baobab oil, marula oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut
oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil Contains more than 85% natural ingredients The unique oil shampoo formula can quickly foam when it touches water with gentle kneading, gently wash away grease and dirt, and completely refresh the scalp; natural moisturizing and nourishing ingredients can fill the damaged hair cavity and eliminate frizz and dry; quickly form a protective film on the
scalp and hair to isolate ultraviolet rays and environmental pollution, restore healthy
hair, and smooth to the tips.
Product Name
8 essential oils Multi-effect nourishing oil
Main Ingredient
Argan oil/marula oil/coconut oil
Repair damaged hair Anti-dandruff and Anti-greasy Eliminate frizz Resist environmental pollution Isolate ultraviolet rays
30ml or customized
Take an appropriate amount of this product and apply it on wet hair, gently massage to produce a small amount of foam, and finally rinse off with water.
Lead time
2-10 days
Using Effects
Company Introduction
Our service:
1.OEM/ODM is welcome.
2.All products could be custom-made.
3.We can provide you best pre-sale and after-sale service.
4.We try our best to meet your requirements.
Why Choose Us
Our Company
BEAVER is committed to become a leading brand in the global hairdressing industry, and is committed to providing professional hair
stylist and consumers with a comprehensive hair solution.BEAVER is an innovative, environmentally friendly hair product brand, but
its core is more than for hair health to provide quality products and services,BEAVER is committed to creating a comprehensive and
excellent hair solutions. We are committed to play a role as a pioneer in the hairdressing industry, like a diligent attention to
the beavers.
We are committed to creating a sustainable, environmentally sound production and development system to
build more people and better protect our mother earth.This is BEAVER, this is exactly what we have been fighting for!
Our Factory
Our plant is more than 18,000 square meters, qualified as a standard construction development according to the GMPC. Our
production workshop employs ultraviolet air purification-disinfection system, which effectively controls micro-bacteria and
qualifies the sanitized standards. Our factory comprehensively introduced advanced professional measuring, testing, and producing
equipment from the United States, Japan, as well as countries in Europe to ensure the production of sterile and qualified
products. We always try our best to provide products with the best quality for our consumers.

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