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Product Overview


working condition
Suitable for conveying medium temperature below 80 ℃, feeding by filter press; adding auxiliaries, flocculants, cement slurry.
Shaft stainless steel or solid stainless steel
flow , head, power
Q: 0.8 - 150 m3/h;         H: 60-120m;             N: 0.75-37 kw
400 r/min;        720 r/min;         960 r/min

                     Exclusion method

Pump does not start
1. The new pump rotor and stator are too tight 
2. The voltage is too low 
3. The medium viscosity is too high
1. Use tools and manpower to help turn a few circles 
2. Check and adjust 
3. Diluent

No liquid can be pumped out
1. The rotation direction is wrong 
2. There is something wrong with the suction pipe 
3. The medium viscosity is too high 
4. The rotor and stator are damaged or the transmission parts are damaged 
5. Foreign matters in the pump are blocked
1. Adjust the direction 
2. Check the leakage and open the inlet and outlet valves 
3. Diluent 
4. Check and replace 

The flow cannot reach
1. Pipeline leakage 
2. The valve is not fully opened or partially blocked 
3. The speed is too low 
4. Rotor and stator wear
1. Check and repair the pipeline 
2. Open all valves and remove blockage 
3. Adjust the speed 
4. Replace the damaged parts
The pressure can't be reached
Wear of rotor and stator
Replace the rotor and stator

Motor overheating
1. Motor failure 
2. The outlet pressure is too high and the motor is overloaded 
3. The stator is burnt out or stuck on the rotor
1. Check the motor, voltage and current frequency 
2. Check the lift and open the outlet valve to eliminate the blockage 
3. Replace
the damaged parts

The flow and pressure drop sharply
1. Sudden blockage or leakage of pipeline 2. The stator is worn badly 
3. The liquid viscosity changes suddenly 
4. The voltage
drops suddenly
1. Check and eliminate 
2. Replacement 
3. Find out the causes and eliminate them 4. Find out the causes and eliminate them
A large amount of liquid is leaking from the shaft seal
1. Wear of soft packing 
2. Mechanical seal is damaged
1. Compress or replace the packing 
2. Repair or replace

1、 Product name and model ① caliber ② lift ③ motor power ④ flow rate ⑤ rotational speed ⑥ voltage ⑦ suction lift and whether the medium is equipped with accessories so that we can correctly select the type for you
2、 If the product model of our company has been selected by the design unit, please send it to Shandong East Pump Company for purchase.
3、 When the use environment is very important or complex, please provide the design drawings and detailed parameters as far as possible, and the technical experts of our company will check for you.

Product price attribute is for reference only, please call Wangwang for details!

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