JYK 1000VA 1000W 100V /110V to 220V transformer voltage converter single phase to 3 phase (1600161312271)

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Product Overview




Toroidal transformer is a large type of electronic transformers, has been widely used in home appliances and other technical requirements of higher electronic equipment, its main purpose is as a power transformer and isolation transformer.Ring transformer in foreign countries have a complete series, widely used in computers, medical equipment, telecommunications, equipment and lighting, and so on. China's ring transformer in recent years from scratch, has so far formed a considerable scale of production, in addition to meet domestic demand, but also a large number of exports. China is mainly used for home appliances and audio equipment and automatic control equipment, and quartz lighting and so on. Small vibration noise The core does not have the air gap can reduce the iron core to induce the vibration noise, the winding evenly wraps tightly the annular core, effectively reduces the magnetostriction to cause "buzzing" the sound. Low operating temperature As the iron loss can be MW 1 kg, iron loss is very small, core temperature is low, the windings in the lower temperature of the core cooling in good condition, so the transformertemnerature-is-low.

Scope of application

It is mainly suitable for 220V or 110V electrical appliances. The output voltage with dual output sockets can be selected! Nikko rice cookers, hair dryers, horse figurines, American juicers, speakers and more!

Technical parameters


JYK-500VA-3000VA (single phase)

Input voltage:

220V ± 10% or 110V ± 10%

Output voltage:

110V ± 5% or 220V ± 5%

Output accuracy:

± 1%

Insulation resistance:


Withstanding voltage:

1500V / min without breakdown or flashover



Response time:




Waveform distortion:

No additional waveform distortion

Ambient temperature:

-10  ~ 40  º

Relative humidity:


Protection function:

over temperature, overload protection

Working mode:

long-term, continuous unattended

Starting mode:

switch start control!




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