Visbella Nice Nice Nice Turtle Wax Metallic Car Wax Ptfe

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Visbella® Car Polish is used for waxing,glazing,and protecting car paints,and also has the function of cleaning dirt on the surface of car paints.Features:high gloss,strong hydration,hard cover.Gloss:hydrated gloss,long protection time,especially suitable for dark car paint,better effect.

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Car Polish
24 pcs/ctn
Outer packaging
Model number
Shelf life
36 months

* This product is mainly made of Brazilian palm and silicon dioxide (the main component of electroplating crystal).
* After the construction, the surface hardness is higher and the surface is brighter with the micro geometry structure.
* Through the action of polymer, a layer of isolation layer is formed on the surface.
* It has the function of anti ultraviolet, oil resistance, scratch resistance and hydrophobicity.
* Provide your car with a perfect protection.

* Regular waxing can make it difficult for rain water to adhere to the body surface. To avoid acid rain corrosion paint.
* The thin layer formed by waxing can reflect off the light and avoid the aging of the paint.
* Waxing can prevent the generation of static electricity and reduce the adhesion of charged dust to the car.
* Of course, what we can see directly is the effect of glazing, which can improve the brightness of the paint surface and make the car look newer.

* When waxing, it should be in the shade.
* When waxing, first judge the status of the car paint, and then proceed. If the paint oxidation phenomenon occurs, it is necessary to grind the whole vehicle to remove the oxide. After polishing, wax can be applied.
* Dip appropriate amount of car wax with sponge, and apply a protective layer in the direction of rainwater flow. Try not to circle wax. To reduce the concentric rings produced on the paint surface.
* 5-10 minutes after waxing, the surface of wax starts to turn white. Rub it with the back of your hand. At this time, there will be powder on the back of the hand, and the painted surface will be bright, which indicates that the wax has been dry. Throw wax with a soft, dry towel until there is no wax residue on the entire car surface.

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