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Product Description

Jiahong Self Regulating Heating Cable is an exceptional heating cable. It can regulate its heat output depending on the change in the ambient temperature. When the temperature drops, it automatically heats up to provide heat; when the temperature rises to a critical value, it automatically disconnects the circuit to reduce heat generation.


1. Energy Efficient, Automatically Varies its Power Output in Response to Pipe Temperature Changes;

2. We Make PTC Core Materials;

3. Lower Installation Cost and Maintenance Expense Compared to Steam Heat Tracing;

4. No Overheat or burnout Even when Wrapped Over Itself(Overlapped);

5. Jiahong Provides Power Connection, Splice, Tee, End Seal Kits and other Related Accessories;

6. Suitable for use in Non-hazardous, Hazardous and Corrosive Environments;

Product type
Service voltage
Max.Exposure Temperature
Min.Circuit breaker size (Amps)
Protective braid resistance
Bus wire gauge

Jiahong's Self-Regulating Heating Cable Seris

Jiahong Self Regulating Heating Cable comes in different designs and capabilities. They include low-temperature self-regulating heating cables, medium temperature heating cables, and high-temperature heating cables. They are strictly made according to the European and North American safety standards.

HTP Electric Pipe Heating Cable

HTM In Pipe Heating Cable

SLL Self Regulating Heater


Pipeline Heating

Jiahong Self Regulating Heating Cables are widely used in most industries such as industrial pipe and tank, residential and commercial roof and gutter, fire pipelines, power plant, flue gas desulfurization project, offshore oil platforms, marine ship, and subway, etc.

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Our Company

WuHu Jiahong New Material Co., Ltd
- Founded in 2002.
- More than 300 employees.
- Top heating cable manufacturer in Asia.
- 1 manufacture base+14 sell office+2 oversea joint venture.
- Constant wattage series& self-regulating heating cable & thermostats.

- 3 sets of wire-grouping machines.

- 15 sets of high temp and low temp extruding machines.
- 21 sets of braiding machines which produce 40000M cables per day.

Testing Equipment

Power Testing Machine

High-Low Temperature Testing Machine

Flame Testing Machine

Mechanical Performance Detector

Water Proof Testing Machine

Aging Testing Machine


ADIPEC Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition 2019

ADIPEC Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition 2018



Why choose Jiahong

1. R&D Team

2. Oversea Local Services

3. The Ultimate Manufacturer

4. Full Testing Certificates

5. Fortune 500 Companies Audit

6. The Only CSA Standard Lab in China

Packing & ODM

Rolled cable, wrap the rolled cable in white air conditioner cloth after fixing the tape.

Coiled cable, cable reels are available in paper, plastic and iron.

Two kinds of packaging, for other packaging Jiahong provides the design.

1. Mat into a white box, four boxes into a carton

2. Four mats are packed directly in a carton

For samples, goods will be shipped from stock within 3 days.

For bulk production, our lead time is 7~15 days.

ODM Service

We support OEM service and package design for the products you see.

Feedback & FAQ



Q1: If your heating cable is eco-friendly?
A: Our heating cable is all in accordance with ROHS, do not contain Lead(Pb), Cadmium(Cd), Mercury(Hg), Chromium VI(Cr VI), PBBs&PBDEs.

Q2: If your heating cable are anti-flame and waterproof?
A: Our raw material of heating cable is all anti-flame material and waterproof classification is IP67.

Q3: Can I cut the heating cable anywhere?
A:  If you can identify Parallel type and Constant wattage type. The parallel type you can cut and connect two cables together. But if Constant wattage type, it's not available to cut. If you are not able to identify the type, please contact us directly. 

Q4: If the heating cable can use on industrial area and hazardous area.
A: Yes, our braiding coverage rate is over 90% and in certify to IECEx and ATEX, it's applicable to the industrial area and hazardous area. 

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