Быстрое тестирование на болезни крупного рогатого скота, комплект для тестирования на антитело Brucellosis (1600176802218)

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Brucellosis  Antibody Elisa test kit

Product Description

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Brucellosis Antibody Test Kit is used to detect the Brucellosis Antibody in serum of bovine, sheep, pig and dog. 

This kit uses competitive ELISA method, Brucellosis antigen is pre-coated on enzyme micro-well strips. When testing, add the serum sample, diluents, Enzyme conjugate. After incubation, if there is Brucellosis specific antibody, it will combine with the pre-coated antigen. Discard the uncombined enzyme conjugate after washing. Add TMB substrate in micro-wells, the blue signal by Enzyme catalysis is in inverse proportion of antibody content in sample. When the reaction is terminated by adding stop solution, use ELISA reader at 450nm wavelength to measure the absorbance OD value in reaction wells.


Brucellosis-Ag Coated plate

96 Tests/192 Tests

Stopping solution

15 mL

Enzyme conjugate

22 mL

Negative control

1 mL

Sample diluents

12 mL

Positive control

1 mL

Substrate A (liquid)

12 mL

Adhesive plate sealer

1 pc /2 pcs

Substrate B (liquid)

12 mL



wash concentrate(20×)

50 mL


Test Procedure:

I. Preparation of reagents

Washing buffer preparation: return 20× concentrated washing buffer into room temperature (20-25)before use. If there is salt crystals, shake to make it dissolved (It is best to incubate 5-10 minutes in laboratory thermostat Incubator). Then dilute it at 20 times with distilled water (for example: 570ml distilled water is added into 30ml wash concentrate) and shake it evenly. The diluted washing buffer can store at 2~8 for about 1 week.

II. Sample preparation

Take animal whole blood, when the blood clot, centrifuge 10 minutes at the speed of 4000rpm. Then take supernatant. The supernatant can also be separated after natural coagulation, but no hemolysis.

III. Operation steps

1.  For every test, set 2 wells for positive control and 2 wells for negative control;

2.  Add serum, negative control and positive control to its corresponding wells, 20μl/well. Do not mix use the tips.

3.  Add sample diluent into each well, 40μl/well.

4. Adding Enzyme Conjugate, 100ul/well, shake gentle to mix it evenly, cover it with Adhesive plate sealer.  Incubate 30 min at 25 in laboratory thermostat Incubator.

5. Open the adhesive plate sealer, discard the liquid of the well, add diluted washing buffer to each/well, 260ul/well. Discard the liquid after 30s. Repeat the above step for 4 times, at last flap to dry with the absorbent paper.

6. Mix substrate A and substrate B evenly by 1:1, add it into each well, 100ul/well. Then cover it with Adhesive plate sealer, incubate 15 min at 25 in laboratory thermostat Incubator.

7. Add stop solution, 50ul/well to stop the reaction, measure the result in 5 min.


Result Determination:

Read the OD value at 450nm (630nm as reference) on microplate reader.

Validity criteria

OD value of positive control<0.2, negative control>1.0. Otherwise, the experiment is invalid.


PI (blocking rate) =100%- (OD value of samples/ Negative control OD average value) ×100%

Results interpretation

PI>45% is positive

PI ≤45% is negative.



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