1000L 10HL Stainless steel direct fire heating 4 vessel 1000 liter brewery craft beer brewing equipment

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Product Overview


♦Part 1


General Description of 1000L Brewery  

                     ------ Quality Design for Craft Brewing


 2000l brewing system


1. Introduction



The 1000L 10HL Stainless steel direct fire heating 4 vessel 1000 liter brewery craft beer brewing equipment  is often used in small craft breweries or craft brewing bars. The system c

ontains two brewhouse vessels, a mash/lauter tank and a boiling/whirlpool tank. The mashing process and the wort filtration process are completed by one tank, and the boiling and whirlpool processes are completed by one tank, saving equipment costs and floor space. This system usually brews one batch a day. If the second batch of brewing takes at least 14 hours, it can cope with a temporary increase in production and is not suitable for planned multi-batch brewing in one day. According to different fermentation cycles of brewed beer, 6pcs 2000L fermenters or 12pcs 1000L fermentors can usually be configured, and 4pcs 2000L fermenters and 4pcs 1000L fermenters can also be configured to meet the needs of various beer types. The system also needs to be equipped with a complete automatic or manual control system, malt milling system, CIP system, cooling system, steam heating system, air system, etc.


2. Our Advantage


> With ISO TUV SGS, the product meets the GB/CE/PED/ASME standard
Local service in EUROPE, AUSTRALIA ETC

5 Years Warranty for tanks

> 0 trade risk verified by more than 1100 breweries

> 20 Years Manufacture and Management Experience


3. Features


>Two vessels with hot water, 1000Liter/batch, first batch takes about 8 hours, and two batches of 14 hours are allowed;

>All certificated 304 stainless steel, easy to clean; Copper cladding for special environments such as bars;

>Direct fire , high thermal efficiency, gentle for wort; Steam or Electric heating available;

>The wort cooled by tap water and -5 ºC ice water to cool in two stages, Single stage available;

>Mashing heating and fermentation cooling automatically controlled, and manual control switched at any time;

Manual valve control, humanized operation, low equipment investment cost, high cost performance; PLC automatic control for upgrade;

>Beer filling in stainless steel beer barrels, glass bottles or cans;


4. Parameters


 Design Basis



  Mashing:Infusion & Decoction

  OG:12 Plato

  Boiling Strength:8%-10%

 Energy Consumption


  Heating:Direct fire


  Power:about 10KW

  Water:Hot water recovery



Mash/Lauter Tun: Φ1460mm 

Kettle/Whirlpool Tun: Φ1460mm 

Floor Space:about 9500*12000mm



  Control Panel:Digital Button Type

  Brewing Valve:Manual

  CIP Valve:Manually

  Temperature:PID Auto Control


5. Components

Part 1: 300-500kg/hr Malt Milling Unit        


300-500kg/hr Malt Miller



Flexible Auger



Milling Controling Cabinet


Part 2: 1000L Two Vessel/HLT Brewhouse    


10HL Mash/Lauter Tun



10HL Kettle/Whirlpool Tun



20HL Hot Water Tank


Part 3: Fermentation Unit                   


2000L Fermentation Tank/Unitank



1000L Fermentation Tank/Unitank



2000L Bright Beer Tank



1000L Bright Beer Tank


Part 4: Glycol Cooling Unit                  


2000L Glycol Water Tank



5HP Glycol Water Chiller



Glycol Water Pipeline


Part 5: Electric Control Unit                


Brewhouse Control Cabinet



Fermentation Control Cabinet


Part 6: 100L Portable CIP Cart [Two Tanks]   


100L Single Wall Caustic Tank



100L Single Wall Acid Tank



Sanitary Centrifugal Pump


Part 8: Keg Filling Unit                     


1-Station Keg Filler



2-Station 2-Tank Auto Keg Rinser


Part 9: Bottle Filling Unit                  


8-Station Semiauto Bottling Machine


Part 10: Other Auxiliary Equipment         


Compressed Air Supply



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♦Part 2


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