Взрывозащищенный датчик перемещения струн Miran, Взрывозащищенный датчик провода, 1800 мм, 0-10 В, сигнал на выходе, водонепроницаемый

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Product Overview


Product Description

* The stroke length is 1800mm. The longer the trip is, the more expensive it is. The stroke is optional from 100mm~40000 mm. If you need different lengths of travel, please contact with the supplier.

* The default signal output: 0-100% of the power supply voltage value, which is resistance output, if you need other signal output, Such as 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V, and RS485 Signal Output, please purchase the transmission module in the shop or contact with the supplier.

Product details

Model Number
MPSFS-M-1800 mm-EX
Measurement stroke
0-1800 mm
0.05% FS
Place of Origin
5K Ω
HS code
Housing material
Aluminum case
Max Motion Speed
10 m/s
Resistance Sensor
IP rating
IP 67
Transport Package
Packed in PVC tube with foam
Repeatability accuracy
± 0.01 mm
Very long life
>100*106 cycles, >25*106m

MPSFS Technical parameter
Wire encoder MPSFS anti explosion waterproof
Wire-winding and hybrid potentiometer
L (4000mm~20000 mm)
M (1000mm~4000 mm)
S (200mm~1000 mm)
XS (100mm~1000mm)
XXS (100mm~800mm)
XXXS (100mm~200mm)
Repeatability accuracy
0.01 mm
4~20mA(3 wires), 2 wires
Starting force
<2200 g
Power supply
12V~24V DC(3 wires)
15V~36V DC(2 wires)
Power current
25mA max
Loop resistance/load
(loop supply voltage-10)/0.02 Max
Work force on rod
Operating temperature
IP rate

MPS Model compare
Output mode
4000~20000 mm
Resistance output
1000~4000 mm
Voltage output within 0~5V DC
200~1000 mm
Voltage output within 0~10V DC
Current output with 4~20mA
Incremental pulse phase output AB phase

Detailed Images

Precaution for installation

1. Utilize the 4 fixing screw holes at the bottom, according to the needs of the site and installation space, directly install or
add protection or other machinery for use.

2. When installing the stainless steel cable, pay attention to the horizontal angle, that is, try to make the steel cable slide
horizontally from the outlet to the moving part of the mechanism during work, and keep the minimum angle (allowable deviation 3%) to ensure measurement accuracy and long life of the cable.

3. The body of the wire rope is covered with a layer of fluorine. Please do not allow it to be cut/burned/impacted by external forces.Excessive dust/debris or items that are enough to damage the wire rope will be stored in the inner pulley cargo outlet port, which will cause the wire rope to be damaged and cause malfunctions.

4. Before the product is installed on the workbench or fixed seat, please do not pull out the steel cable with your hands or
other products and let it bounce back instantly, otherwise the cable will break, which will damage the local structure and
personal safety.

5. The instantaneous acceleration of the reciprocating motion must not exceed 1 m/s for MPS-S-P and MPS-M-P series products, and must not exceed 0.5 m/s for MPS-L-P series. Otherwise, the cable will break. Miran Tech company does not bear this responsibility.

6. If it is used in a non-linear motion mechanism, please install an appropriate pulley for operation.

7. The three-wire current signal output type must be connected to the load before powering on, otherwise the product will be overloaded and damaged.

Note: If product is used in harsh environments or special occasions, please install a protective structure by yourself or
negotiate with the company's engineering department/dealer, otherwise the product will be damaged and the company will not be responsible.

Selectinng Products

* Choose your target stoke range
* Inform install environment, whether it needs waterproof, antiseptic, explosion proof
* Inform input voltage for installation
* Inform output signal type, this will help to decide a proper conversion module
* Inform other requirements, like digital display instrument, mechanical change

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Shenzhen Miran Technology Co., Ltd.
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Wire Rope Potentiometer,Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Sensor,Angle Sensor,
Lubricating Pump(Oil/Grease/Butter),LVDT, Eddy Current Sensor,etc.

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Our Company

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Shenzhen Miran Technology Co., Ltd. Which is one of the largest Linear Position Sensor manufacturer in China. Since 2003 we have been developed and produced Linear Position sensor (brand:MIRAN, LinecSKI, WANSUNGM),Wire Rope
Potentiometer, Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Sensor,Angle Sensor,Lubricating Pump(Oil/Grease/Butter), LVDT, Eddy Current Sensor, and many other Motion control products to support many different industries.

Our Products have been widely used in injection molding machines,die casting machines,rubber machines,footwear machines,EVA injection machines,bottle blowing machines,woodworker machines, hydraulic machinery,level control, suspension stroke control, construction machinery,seaport machinery,industrial robots,etc.

We can offer you the competitive advantage products. We also support to put your logo on the products if you need.

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Q1: How to place the order?
A: Please contact with our sales department or place a order on Alibaba directly.

Q2: What's the payment term?
A: You can pay by credit card or T/T.

Q3: Can I have a sample products for testing?
A: Yes you can buy sample product.

Factory production
Q1: What's the MOQ?
A: MOQ: 1 pc

Q2: Can you custom-made products for customer?
A: Yes, we offer OEM Customized Products, like logo, extend sensor length, stroke length, custom lines, connectors.

Q3: What's the lead time?
A: 3-5 days for standard products. Customized commodity please confirm with suppliers.

Q4: How to send the products ?
A: By express, like DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS etc.

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