Высокопроизводительные инструменты для горной дрели из легированной стали, шестигранный стержень для горной дрели, 22*108*1200 мм

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Product Overview


High Performance Alloy Steel Mining Drill Tools

Rock Drill Rod HEX 22*108* 1200mm

Product Description



 Structural Alloy Steel



Tunnel , Blasting , Mining , Quarrying, Piling, Indutrial water-well, and Infrastructure Construction

Facedrilling and Bolting, Bench Drilling, Production drilling, Long hole drilling, Drifting

Thread Type

H22, R25, R28, R32, R35, R38, T38, T45, T51

Rod Type

Extension rod,Drifter rod,MF rod,MF Drifter rod, Guide tube, Tapered drill rod, Integral drill steel, Plug hole integral rod

Body Type

Hexagonal type,Round type

Rod Length


Custom Design

Thread, Diameter, Length, Color can be customized


Here is part of our catalogue attached for your reference:



part nameABCD LengthWeight approx kg
mm foot
 Drill rod228222E163051'1.20
 Drill rod228222E174551'6"1.67
 Drill rod228222E186102'2.15
 Drill rod228222E197622'6"2.62
 Drill rod228222E209153'3.10
 Drill rod228222E2112204'4.04
 Drill rod228222E2215255'4.99
 Drill rod228222E2318306'5.93
 Drill rod2510825D303051'1.66
 Drill rod2510825D314551'6"2.26
 Drill rod2510825D326102'2.88
 Drill rod2510825D337622'6"3.48
 Drill rod2510825D349153'4.1
 Drill rod2510825D3512204'5.32
 Drill rod2510825D3615255'6.54
 Drill rod2510825D3718306'7.76
 Drill rod228222H253051'1.20
 Drill rod228222H254551'6"1.67
 Drill rod228222H256102'2.15
 Drill rod228222H257622'6"2.62
 Drill rod228222H259153'3.10
 Drill rod228222H2512204'4.04
 Drill rod228222H2515255'4.99
 Drill rod228222H2518306'5.93
 Drill rod228222H2524408'7.82
 Drill rod228222H25305010'9.71
 Drill rod228222H25366012'11.60
 Drill rod228222H25427014'13.49
 Drill rod2210822H253051'1.3
 Drill rod2210822H254551'6"1.72
 Drill rod2210822H256102'2.24
 Drill rod2210822H257622'6"2.71
 Drill rod2210822H259153'3.18
 Drill rod2210822H2512204'4.12
 Drill rod2210822H2515255'5.07
 Drill rod2210822H2518306'6.01
 Drill rod2210822H2524408'7.9
 Drill rod2210822H25305010'9.79
 Drill rod2210822H25366012'11.68
 Drill rod2210822H25427014'13.57
 Drill rod2510825H253051'1.66
 Drill rod2510825H264551'6"2.26
 Drill rod2510825H276102'2.88
 Drill rod2510825H287622'6"3.48
 Drill rod2510825H299153'4.10
 Drill rod2510825H3012204'5.32
 Drill rod2510825H3115255'6.54
 Drill rod2510825H3218306'7.76
 Drill rod2510825H3324408'10.20
 Drill rod2510825H34305010'12.64
 Drill rod2510825H35366012'15.08
 Drill rod2510825H36427014'17.52



Our drilling tools are mainly produced in the following five types:
1. Conical connection drill bits: 28-60 in-line, cross, and button type rock drill bits, and matched H22, H25 type 0.6M---8m conical connection drill bits
2. Threaded drill tools: R32, R38, T38, T45 and T51 threaded drill bit, drill rod, drill sleeve and drill tail
3. Down-the-hole drilling tools: 80,90, 100 impactors, and matching 50, 60, 76, 89 type DTH drill pipes and 80, 90, 105, 115, 165 type DTH drill bits
4. Shearer tool series products: various types of pick-type coal mining picks, tunneling teeth, and matching shoes, tooth seats and other products
5. Anchor drill tools series products: various types of dry and wet rock drill bits of 27, 28, 30, 32, etc., used for bolt support, as well as internal powder-draining type bolt drill bits, bolt drill pipes, and various A kind of supporting extension rod and stirring rod

We could offer you the High Quality drill rod




Our company has a complete quality inspection system, using international standard API inspection equipment and perfect ultrasonic, magnetic inspection and other non-destructive testing methods.
So that each inspection process of the product is completed under strict quality control procedures.
Strictly select drilling tools with potential risks such as injury, thin wall, partial wear, and serious thread wear to ensure the excellent quality of the product.


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