Hot sale 12 Joule electric fence energizer for elephant

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Name
Electric fence energizer
TH-Mars 12
Output energy
Farm/animal fence

  • Product performance description

TH-MARS series solar electric fence energizer(farm fence equipment) is widely used in farming, agriculture


rational grazing areas, and as the first generation of electric fence, which is used to keep animals inside


fence, now farm fence energizer has been used by thousands of farmers all over the world, especially in


Product Usage

    • Product usage introduction

Multi power supply function make the energizer working at all kind of poor power condition,manis AC110-240V, battery or solar panel.
In most cases,the energizer should be fixed on the wooden or steel bar, link the black terminal with clip to grounding

  • Description of product use effect

TH-MARS series solar electric fence energizer(farm fence equipment) is widely used in farming,agriculture and rational grazing areas,and as the first generation of electric fence,which is used to keep animals inside the fence

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Company Introduction

Shenzhen Tongher Technology Co.,Ttd, also called Tongher Electric fence,Tongher tech,is established since 2007,dedicating to provide professional products,solutions and services of electric fence system for perimeter security and agricultural livestock fields to lots of companies and governments in more than 20 provinces in China domestic market and foreign countries,such as the United states of America,Australia,New Zealand,South east Asia,etc.

With a experienced and active-minded R&D team and in-house quality management,more than 50 countries'
customers have worked together with us for our product quality and professional solutions.

The energizers are approved by ISO 9001,CMA,and CE certificate,at the same time,they conforms to IEC 60335,2-76 international standard and AS/NZS CISPR14-1.And they are non lethal to animals and people who
are touching the electrified wires.

To meet different customers' need,we design solutions according go different situations.So far,these solutions are widely used in communities,residential areas,governments,school,plants,garages,prisons,military bases,water and gas distributor,farmland and poultry areas.

We also offer OEM/ODM service for energizer or accessories.

Our Customers

Our products are exported to more than 50 countries around the world, such as the United States, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Southeast Asian countries, which helping many farmers to protect their crops and Livestock from wild animals.

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