heating physical therapy tourmaline products health care supplement

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heating physical therapy tourmaline products health care supplement


Tourmaline Mattress Description

Tourmaline mattress is mainly made of tourmaline, which is a kind of natural precious stone( jewellery). Due to the exclusive properties of tourmaline(piezoelectric effect and pyroelectric effect), it is widely used to make health care products. Tourmaline mattress combines advanced technology with the functions of tourmaline, so it has a wide range of advantages for health. Tourmaline mattress is very suitable for people who have low sleep quality, sub-health or metal stress.  


Tourmaline Introduction

Tourmaline is natural jewelry, it is a kind of silicate mineral with very complicated compositions. Tourmaline is not only a kind of crystal, but also dielectric medium, that is to say, it is precious stone which has piezoelectric effect and pyroelectric effect. When tourmaline is motivated by by heat or pressure, it will generate free electrons and ions, besides, it can also radiate far infrared light(wavelength is 4~14um) which is beneficial to human health.     


Tourmaline mattress


Tourmaline mattress


 Dual heating units, dual temperature control





Input voltage

AC 220V/50~60Hz







 Tourmaline cushion Advantages

Thermal acupuncture-adjusts hormone secretion.

Far infrared wave-accelerates blood circulation.

Micro current-stimulates metabolism of human body.

Beneficial to nervous system.

Negative potential, negative ion-keep belly comfortable.

Electric heating-temperature is accurately adjusted, keep at cosy state.





Clean Methods

1. Please pull out power supply before cleaning

2. Clean the surface by dust collector

3. When there is coffee, juice or other liquids, it should be timely cleaned.

4. cushion and temperature controller should not be cleaned by benzene, rosin water or other organic materials.


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