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SN-140 Automatic Blister Packaging Machine
Model SN-140
Punch frequency: 10-33times/min Production capacity: 1980plates/hour Max. Forming area & Depth: 140x135(standard depth ≦15mm), Max. Depth 25mm( As adjusted Standard Stroke range: 30-120mm(can be designed as per user’s required) Standard plate size: 140x100mm (can be designed as per user’s required) Air pressure : 0.4-0.6Mpa Compressed air required: Air compressor≥0.3m3/min Total power supply: 380V 50Hz/60Hz 2.8Kw Main motor: 0.75Kw PVC hard Film: 0.15-0.5*120 (mm) PTP Aluminum film: 0.02-0.035*120 (mm) Dialysis Paper: 50-100g*120(mm) Mould cooling:Tap water or Recycling water Overall Dimension: 2200x700x1250 (mm)(LxWxH) Weight: Net 450kg Gross weight: 520kg Noise index: <75dBA
Performance characteristics: 1.This machine adopts airbag traction device, plate-type mold forming, reliable synchronization performance, convenient mold change, simple change stroke, and wide range. 2.The planetary universal feeder is adopted to adapt to the filling of various items, with high efficiency and good effect. It can also be equipped with various vibration feeders according to user requirements. 3.Borderless blanking can save 5% of packaging materials, which can be made according to customer requirements. 4.Equipped with dotted line indentation device, which can be divided into dotted line according to user requirements. Working principle 1.Transmission: This machine is powered by three-machine motors, and the speed is reduced by a pinwheel cycloid reducer. The front is pulled by an airbag, and the rear is PVC and PTP feeding, so that the PVC plastic sheet and PTP aluminum foil can move at equal distances. 2 Forming: When the PVC plastic sheet is molded through the heating zone, the middle guide plate is lifted by the cam to press the PVC plastic sheet on the upper plane. At the same time, the compressed air passing through the filter and pressure reducing valve is opened regularly through the solenoid valve and enters the molding mold to make the PVC plastic. The tablets are formed under positive pressure. 3.Adding materials: After the PVC plastic sheet is heated and formally formed into a specific shape, the planetary universal feeder is used to automatically enter the packaged goods into the formed blister. 4. Heat sealing: The PVC plastic sheet is fed with aluminum foil and then enters the heat-sealing mold, and is sealed by flat pressure. The net pattern is clear and the plate is flat, thus eliminating the shortcomings of the roller-type machine that the pressure is unequal and the net pattern is wave-like. Another feature of the heat sealing is that it can be performed simultaneously with the batch number (the batch number is typed in the blank, clear and eye-catching), which simplifies the process and saves energy. 5. Blanking: The traction roller feeds the heat-sealed compound into the punching die. After blanking, the finished product is automatically output, and the edge is punched to save material. The straight edge is cut at the same time, which reduces the process and facilitates the operation. Operation method and procedure: (1) Operation method: Before work, the lower mold stops at the bottom dead center for preheating (to avoid heat sealing the lower mold to take away the heat of the anilox plate, extend the preheating time and reduce the cooling effect of the lower mold). 1. Set the relevant chapters according to the temperature on the electrical control panel: Make the upper molding temperature around 125℃; The lower molding temperature is about 125°C (the exact temperature depends on the degree of bubble forming). The heat sealing temperature is about 140℃-160℃ (depending on the degree of adhesion) 2. Pull out the PVC placed on the bearing shaft, pass the feeding roller, the heating zone (the heating plate is lifted) to form between the upper and lower molds, then pass through the bottom of the feeder, through the panel gap, and at the same time from The aluminum foil from the aluminum foil bearing shaft through the turning roll enters the heat-sealing mold and then is stabilized by the traction airbag, and its end enters the die. Press the start button, the heating plate will be automatically put down, and turn on with a delay (with time relay, adjustable) to observe the operation of plastic and aluminum foil, make them parallel to the aluminum foil (already adjusted at the factory), and turn on the water source switch after the forming is good. Properly control the flow rate (too large will affect molding because it takes away heat, and too small is not conducive to molding), and then put into production. (2) Operating procedures: 1. Turn on: (the device enters the ready-to-operate state) (1) Quasi-operation of the equipment: turn on the main power switch (key switch); (2) Starting air pump air; (3) Open the intake valve; (4) Each electric heater is energized and heated as required; (5) On the PVC plastic sheet (6) After the molding meets the requirements, stick aluminum foil or dialysis paper; (7) Open the water inlet valve; (8) Put down the heating plate; (9) Press the green button of motor control; (10) Put the packaged materials into the hopper; (11) Open the gate and add pellets. 2. Parking: (1) Press the motor control red button-the main motor stops running; (2) Turn off the air pump motor to stop; (3) Turn off the main power switch; (4) Close the intake valve; (5) Close the water inlet valve.
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Q1 : Which one packing machine is suitable for us ?
Dear, before quoting, please kindly consult us and providing: 1.your product name,product picture. 2.your bag size,such as bag width and bag height. 3.ideal bag shape. For there is over 100 kinds of packing machine,different on bag size. In order to recommend u the best,we need know that information. If u just start this business,no bag size,we can help u to find similar weight bag for your reference.
Q2: Is that packing machine ok for our product?How to operate it?
If you donnot mind,you can send u sample.we will use existing packing machine to test for u. During that time,we will take video and clearer picture for you.If chance,we can take video online and show u.
Q3: Is that pack many bag size in the same packing machine?
That is the common question from our customer.Every packing machine has its range for bag length and bag width.Can you send us full details,i will calculate for u and give u exact reply.
Q4:How can I trust you for the first time business ?
Please note our above business license and certificate. And if you don't trust us, then we can use Alibaba Trade Assurance service. it will protect your money during the whole stage of transaction.
Q5: Can you explain me the whole transaction process ?
1.Both sides reached cooperation intention 2.Signed the Contract 3.Arrange the 30% deposit to factory 4.Factory arrange production 5.Testing&detecting the machine before shipping 6.Arrange the balance payment 7.Confirm the shipping details then delivery 8.When the machine arrives, follow the instructions
Q6: How do we contact you?
There is a contact information on the right of this page. Please leave message and click "send". you also can contact us through Email, wechat, skype, whatsapp, QQ, Facebook, phone and etc.
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