Jinan модульный тренажер на солнечной/ветровой энергии, электрическое лабораторное оборудование, оборудование для профессионального обучения

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ZM2153Jinan SOLAR/WIND ENERGY MODULAR TRAINER electrical lab equipment vocational education training equipment
Modular trainer for the theoretical-practical study of the electrical installations with photovoltaic solar energy and wind
Composed of:
-A photovoltaic inclinable module, 90W, 12V, complete with a cell for measuring the solar irradiation and with a temperature
A wind turbine
Wind turbine 12 Vdc, 160 W
Supporting frame 1.5 m.
ZM2119 solar and wind trainer.

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Hanging box Photo
(1) A4 paper size, with 4mm safety socket with different color.
Power box Photo
(2) the training platform adopts the frame structure , which can be moved flexibly.
Emergency stop button Photo
(3) the training platform has a good security system.

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input power
three-phase five-wire system 380V plus or minus 10% 60Hz
external dimension
 1600mm x 800mm x 1750mm
complete machine capacity
< 1.5KVA
< 150kg
 working conditions
temperature - 10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ relative humidity < 85% (25 ℃)

Product Paramenters

1.Power module of the inverter (chopper)
Anemometer and wind direction sensor.
A set of modules with a supporting frame:
A battery control module, 12V, 32A, with battery.
A load module with two 12V lamps, dichroic 20W and LED 3W, with independent switches.

2.Powering module
A load module with two mains voltage lamps, dichroic 35W and LED 3W, with independent switches.
An electronic regulation module, with LCD screen.
A rheostat.
A module for the measurement of solar irradiation (W/m2), solar panel temperature (°C), current, voltage and power.

Experiment list
A module for measuring wind speed and direction.
A stepper motor kit for indoor use of the wind turbine.
A dc to ac converter, with sinusoidal output at mains voltage. Average power: 300 W.
The trainer is complete with connecting cables and experiment manual.
Complete with data acquisition and processing software.

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1.1 Overview
This training device includes modules such as solar power generation devices, photovoltaic panel power generation devices, inverters, and light-emitting controllers. Through related experiments, you can study the principles of solar and wind power generation, and cultivate students' corresponding knowledge and skills. It is suitable for vocational and vocational colleges , Secondary vocational school and technical school related professional teaching and skills assessment.

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