High temperature Calcination Micro electrolysis Industrial Electroplating Wastewater Iron carbon Filler Chemical Auxiliary Agent (1600187894458)

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Product Overview


Technical Principle:
This series of fillers is a multi-catalytic oxidation fillers developed for organic wastewater that is hard for biodegradation. This new micro-electrolysis filler technology has been patented by China
government. . The filler is produced by multi-element catalysts with metal alloy fusion and high-temperature micropore activation technology, which ensure it a novel dosing non-hardening micro-electrolysis character. Adopting on wastewater treatment, the filler can effectively remove COD, reduce chromaticity, and improve biodegradability stablywith lasting treatment effect. Meanwhile, the filler can avoid passivation and hardening during applications.
Techology advantage:
(1) Ensure the continuous degradation effect of " primary battery" is efficiently. (2) improve current density for better catalytic oxidation effect. (3) High activity, low density, no passivation, no hardening, fast reaction rate, long-term stable and effective degradation results. (4) Improved oxidation efficiency and expanded application rangefor wastewater treatment. (5) Greatly reduced operation intensity of workers. (6) The treatment of wastewater by the filler integrates the oxidation, reduction, electro-deposition, flocculation, adsorption, bridging, sweeping and co-precipitation processes. (7) The treatment cost is low and the wastewater biodegradability is greatly improved. (8) the supporting facilities can be customized.
● Dye, chemical and pharmaceutical wastewater, Coking and petroleum wastewater; -After treated by this filler, the COD of the wastewater is drastically decreased and the BOD/COD ratio is increased greatly. ● Printing and dyeing wastewater; Leather wastewater; -Good decolonization and obvious removal of COD . ● Electroplating wastewater; Printing wastewater; Mining wastewater; Other wastewater containing heavy metals; -Heavy metals can be removed from the wastewaters. ● agricultural wastewater with organic phosphorus; agricultural wastewater with organic chlorine; -The biodegradability of the wastewaters is greatly improved, the phosphorus and sulfide compounds can be removed.
Company Profile
Shandong Longantai Environmental Protection Sci-tech Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 as a national high-tech enterprise. Longantai is an excellent water treatment solution provider and key equipment manufacturer. Based on a variety of catalytic oxidation products, it provides customized system solutions and is committed to the harmless recycling of various wastewater. The cost of wastewater treatment can be adjusted, and the discharge can be reduced. Solving environmental problems can reduce the overall cost for users and improve their competitiveness. The company works closely with customers in various industries and scientific research institutions to provide safe, efficient, innovative and energy-saving products and comprehensive water treatment services. The company pursues to be a responsible industry leader and adheres to a sustainable business model. It hopes to make water governance more reliable, smarter and more energy-efficient through continuous technological innovation!
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