Ozone wastewater oxidation catalyst, ozone catalytic oxidation filler, COD removal catalyst (1600187978027)

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Product Overview


Technical Principle:
The high-strength silicon-aluminum composite is used as a carrier, loaded with various noble and transition metals, supplemented by rare metals as dispersants. the catalyst is prepared through a plurality of precise processes. The catalyst is characterized by high efficiency, high strength and long life. this catalyst will be is an ideal new-generation catalyst for ozone oxidation, ensuring a high efficient catalytic oxidation for most wastewater and improving the utilization rate of ozone by more than 50%.
Techology advantage:
(1) the composite porous high-strength silicon-aluminum catalyst carrier is doped with catalytic components which are not easy to lapse, thus improving the stability of the catalyst. The carrier is prepared by a special preparation process, thus making it higher mechanical strength and longer service life. (2) Carefully screen the carrier and active components of catalytic filler, and combined with transition metals, rare metals and rare earth metals as the effective catalytic components to ensure continuous and high ozone oxidation efficiency. (3) Various catalytic components can enhance the adaptability of the catalyst to different wastewater and improve the catalytic activity simultaneously . (4) the mechanical strength of the catalytic filler is more than or equal to 100N/particle, the specific surface area is more than or equal to 280 m2/g, the catalytic filler has no loss and does not need to be added regularly when use. (5) The filler can catalyze self-decomposition of ozone in water and increase the concentration of OH generated in water, thus improving the ozone oxidation effects. The oxidation efficiency is 2 ~ 4 times higher than that of pure ozone oxidation. (6) The activation energy of the reaction can be reduced, or the reaction routine can be changed to achieve the aim of deep oxidation and maximum removal of organic pollutants.
● Advanced treatment for chemical industry park wastewater and municipal sewage; -Low investment, good effect, low operation cost and no secondary pollution. ● High chroma industrial wastewater; -After treatment, the chroma of the wastewater and the concentration of organic pollutants can be reduced obviously. ● Pretreatment of industrial wastewater; -It can effectively remove organic pollutants that is high harmful and hard to degrade. simultaneously , it can significantly improve the biodegradability of wastewater and provide necessary conditions for subsequent biochemical process. ● Recycling of VOCs absorption liquid. ● High-salt wastewater;
Company Profile
Shandong Longantai Environmental Protection Sci-tech Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 as a national high-tech enterprise. Longantai is an excellent water treatment solution provider and key equipment manufacturer. Based on a variety of catalytic oxidation products, it provides customized system solutions and is committed to the harmless recycling of various wastewater. The cost of wastewater treatment can be adjusted, and the discharge can be reduced. Solving environmental problems can reduce the overall cost for users and improve their competitiveness. The company works closely with customers in various industries and scientific research institutions to provide safe, efficient, innovative and energy-saving products and comprehensive water treatment services. The company pursues to be a responsible industry leader and adheres to a sustainable business model. It hopes to make water governance more reliable, smarter and more energy-efficient through continuous technological innovation!
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